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Can people live with out a liver?
my fiance has a bad liver, its being going on for almost 10 years, what much worst can it get? would he need a new liver any time soon? or can he live with out one?

If his liver gets worse or stops working, he's going to have to have a liver transplant. You can't live without a liver

I don't think so.

If it's not getting worse then I don't know, but you need a liver to live.

I agree with Jeremy...Hope he got on the transplant list 10 years ago. If not..make sure he gets on it soon. Actually, a family member can donate part of a liver to him..if they match.Good Luck!

no , theres no possible way you can live without your liver that is like the most improtant organ in your body besides your heart. if his liver is bad be probably definantly needs a liver transplant

debra k
I'm so sorry, but no-one can live without a liver, with out a liver transplant from someone else, that has just passed! There is a large waiting list for the perfect match for the ill person! There is hope! Don't give up! Many prayers go out that your friend will get a liver transplant!

no because yout liver cleans out your waste and turns it into fuel. Without it you cannot live.

no you can not live without a liver, at the time his liver stops working properly , he will need a liver transplant

You can't live without a liver but there have been transplants where a relative has donated half of their liver. So you can live with half a liver.

The Next Squint
Everyone needs their liver!
A small part has to be working!


no. Is he elegible for a liver transplant?

Well he can't live without one. Not sure about his condition though. What exactly is wrong with his liver?

♥♥♥ ktbspa2008 ♥♥♥
What? Why do u think we have livers in the first place? Its there for a reason! Its not like a handbag that we can just throw away when we get sick of it.

Y! Answers addict:D
You cannot live without a liver, but im not sure what the livers function is. Eventually, if it gets bad enough, he will need a transplant. Your liver filters stuff or something, im not sure. But i do know that you cannot live without one, and living with a bad one isnt a smart idea.

no you have tohave a liver!!! its EXTREMLY importent!!

He needs a liver. The body can't function w/out it because it detoxifies the blood. It would be impossible to live without one for very long. Hopefully, he'll find one. Many prayers to your fiance!

yes you need a liver to live. the good news is the liver is very resiliant and can usually heal itself if taken care of. Why does he have a bad liver? Liver disease, cancer, alcoholic?

You really need an answer from a doctor

Violation Notice
You can not live without a liver. They can do liver transplants where they take part of the liver of a healthy family member, and it regenerates enough to work. As for his bad liver, only a doctor can say how long it will keep working.

A Liver is a very vital part for cleaning your blood. A transplant would be the best. Other than that that your looking at a lot of Hospital visits for Dialysis.

Mz Ammie
He may need a liver transplant.

You can't live without a liver. A liver takes the poisons out of your body. If your fiances liver gets really bad he might have to have a liver transplant.

um i believe a liver is quite necessary

Brandon M.
he needs a liver transplant.
the liver is used to filter out all the bad toxins in your body, therefore you can't live without one.
bad livers can be due to drinking too much alcohol or is could be hereditary.

i know you can live with half a liver so a living person w/ the same blood type can give him half of theirs and eventually both of their halves would grow into full livers. my kindergarten teacher told me that and ive always remembered it!!
amy <333

He cannot live without a liver but he can live if they cut away the bad part saving just enough for him to live.

no it cannot.

The liver has many functions. Some of the functions are: to produce substances that break down fats, convert glucose to glycogen, produce urea (the main substance of urine), make certain amino acids (the building blocks of proteins), filter harmful substances from the blood (such as alcohol), storage of vitamins and minerals (vitamins A, D, K and B12) and maintain a proper level or glucose in the blood. The liver is also responsible fore producing cholesterol. It produces about 80% of the cholesterol in your body.


Very confused
no, but if they find a match he can get half of one and it will regenerate back. good luck my prayers are with you

No, it is necessary to filter blood. You can get transplants.

No, you can't live without a liver. It performs over 500 functions (filtering, metabolism, blood clotting, etc). Unfortunately, there is no dialysis for a failing liver.
How much worse can it get? It's hard to say. You didn't say why your fiance has a bad liver. It it from alcohol, viral hepatitis, or other liver diseases? People who have answered previously have said the liver can regenerate itself. That is true in a HEALTHY liver. A diseased liver cannot regenerate. Fortunately the liver is a very tough organ and withstands a lot of abuse (whether through disease or self-induced) before it starts to fail. The symptoms of liver disease are often very subtle; that's why many people don't know they have liver disease until the liver starts to give off warning signals. Some people don't know they have liver problems until they are in end stage liver disease.
In order to receive a transplant, you have to be very, very sick, yet not so sick that you'll die from the surgery. You have to have an evaluation at a transplant center and be interviewed by a team of specialists, including transplant doctors, psychologists, financial people, etc. You have to have people who will assist you after the transplant to make sure you're being taken care of, take your medicine, etc. Livers are precious; they are not going to waste one on people who can't comply with the care the doctors recommend. Over 10, 000 people die each year waiting for a liver.
If your fiance is truly in need of a liver, he will need to get started on the transplant process. You can start with his liver specialist to find out more information. After they evaluate him, he will be given a score, called a MELD score, which determines his place on the transplant list. You can google more information about that if you like. Best wishes to you & your fiance.

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