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Rhonda G
Can depression Kill you?
I know all the effects of depression, but the question is can depression alone kill someone, such as broken heart etc. Can you really die from broken heart?

nope!! it depends on your ability to overcome depression!!!

I think so. Mental health is a very serious issue. Look at animals- dogs, horses, and other animals die all the time when their companion animal is no longer there.

never never,all downs in life what ever they hard are not equil to person life

No, but if it continues, you can end up killing yourself. Seek help with a doctor, and try to come over depression. Look at a picture of you smiling when you were seven or something. The rarest things can make you happy. like the words 'i love you' from family or friends or something. Once you kill yourself, there's no turning back.

If the depression is bad enough, you can kill yourself. I think long term effects of depression are pretty bad though.

Research shows that depression increases the risk of death for people of all ages. For those with other illnesses such as type 2 diabetes and certain infections, depression can make their symptoms worse. Elderly people with depression may be at higher risk for Alzheimer's disease, and depression may increase their chance of being admitted into a nursing home.

depression doesn't kill people, people kill people. If depression is not treated properly it will allow people to think that the only answer is death, and then they wind up killing themselves.

no but you can kill yourself from being depressed. you can have a stroke and many other things can happen. you have to go to the doctor for depression pills if you feel depressed and need to focus on other important stuff.

No, but it can lead you to do something wrong with yourself, but depression itself, and having a heart broken, or a bad concience, wont kill you but will make you feel misserable, undesired, unwanted, unwilling, and everything that ends with "un...." So take care and always try to see life in a positive way and don't take things too serious, let things happen, cause there is nothing that you can't do, like death, or uncontrolled nature destructions....

it could cause u to kill ur self u could probably go talk to someone u mite be bi-polor its ok i am i half to take medicine and stuff like that

Not depression by itself. But if you don't look for help, it could make you kill yourself.

First off there is a difference between feeling depressed and actually being depressed. A person is considered to suffering from depression after two weeks of depressed feelings. At such a point medication and professional help is needed. If you have been experiancing this for over two weeks go and seek help. Also, depression usually runs in the family, so if one or more of your relatives have been diagnosed with depression you are more likely to have depression. Having a broken heart or some other serious event in your life go wrong while being depressed can lead to suicidal thoughts and actions. You should be aware of any big events that might occur soon and talk through them with close friends or loved ones.

Strictly speaking, no, but if compounded on other conditions, it weaken you to the point that you succumb. This is usually seen in the instance of very isolated persons who die around the holidays or elderly people who die after holidays.

Depression in itself is not a deadly disease, however the side effects of depression can be. Over eating can lead to heart and cholesterol problems, you can have suicidal thoughts, you can give up and stop eating and drinking and lose the will to live.

These are all side effects of depression. There are tons of sites you can check out on depression on the net. Just go to google and type in depression or how to deal with depression and you'll have a plethora of information that deals with this topic. If you or someone you love is depressed, seek medical assistance before trying anything, especially if you or they are having suicidal thoughts.

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