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 Extremely tired! Is this normal?
I am a 20 yr old female attending college as a full-time student (18 hrs in class per week) while working 2 jobs (28 hrs of work per week). After work I come home, shower, clean up my place and study ...

 Frequent headaches?
hey plz help me im 19 years old and lately i have been getting headaches a lot.. i get them on the top back and forehead(above my eyes) i take tynenol and then take a nap.. but y do i constantly get ...

 Is it okay to get asthma attacks every night?
or sometimes more than once a day...is it normal?...

 Hepatitis b..transmittable through what???!!?
Hi i wanted to know is hepatits B transmittable through saliva? And what ways is it transmittable through??


 Why is my 2-and-a-half-year-old blinking his eyes so much?
This just started yesterday. His eyes are not red or watery. I ask him if his eyes hurt and he says no. He just keeps blinking really hard. It seems kind of like a tic. When I ask him why, he ...

 Cold, how can i get rid of it asap?
What would be the best possible way of getting rid of cold?
and does sauna help?
Additional Details
- Started yesterday.

I had a sore troat yesterday and atm Im having a ...

 What is the best remedy for heartburns?
I suffer from frequent heartburns, and the only medication that I use which gives me temporary relief is Aluminnum MG pills. Do you know of a better remedy? please advise....

 Why do blackouts and dizzy spells occur?
i'm not sure if its some psychic thing that occurs. i get dizzy when i stand up and the only thing that helps is if i fall straight to the ground and recompose myself. I feel like i'm ...

 Fibromyalgia....not psychological?
I have noticed soooo many peeps here have been giving advice to others that Fibromyalgia is purely a psychological disease. Anyone want to comment on this?
Additional Details
btw... I ...

 What is your addiction? How do you deal with it?

 Can someone have seizures and nothing wrong with them?
my doctor (which I don't have anymore) told me he didn't see any seziure disorder going on in the brain so I am really ...

Ok Tell me If You Would Consider Me A Cutter. I Cut Myself enough To break Skin N Bleed A Little Bit But Not Alot...Would You Consider Me A cutter?...

 How t describe an drug adict?
for the first time that you see him and how did he make you think that he was a drig addict....

 I Have Bad Anxiety....?
I Get Really Bad Anxiety....I Take Medicine But Every Once And A While It Will Come Up(The Anxiety)....I've Thought About Killing Myself Over It....I Can't Survive With It Anymore:((

 Do You Believe Alcoholism Is A Disease?
This has always had me wondering.
I believe Alcoholism a mental disorder not a disease.
One reason I say this is b/c Depression, Anxiety, etc. are not diseases but mental disorders. And ...

 How do you get hemorrhoids in your but thole?
Is it contagious and does it spread?...

 This may sound weird, does it happen to you?
I often worry about dying. I am still young and have an extremely healthy family and people tell me i should not worry about it. But sometimes, i think, if i can not picture myself in 20 years it ...

 Can anyone help? i have multiple gallstones. its the reflux.how can i get relief?
the eflux i get is constant, asticky saliva in my mouth. can anyone help?...

 Can reflexology or acupuncture help tinnitus?
my son suffers from tinnitus. he always has loud music playing to drown out the ringing. i know it gets him down. would alternative medicine ...

 I feel very ill, whats wrong with me?
here are my symphoms
cough a lot
get extremely tired
gettin thristy frequently (evry hour)
coughin a lot
gettin bad headaches
stomach chrums

so what do you ...

Can anyone get Down Syndrome?
I have only ever seen examples/pictures of caucasian people with Down Syndrome -- can "non-white" people get Down Syndrome?

I am not sure how to phrase this question without seeming racist, but I'm honestly just curious.

Usually you get it when you register to vote as a Democrat.

Johnny Walker
Your right i've seen lots of retards and they're all white.

Momma Jo
Good question. But I don't have the answer.

Yes because it's at birth and genetics have something to do with it and if a parent has the chromosone then you have a chance of getting it and the not racist part..."minority" would of covered that.

Me, Grimlock!
this may help.

U can't b serious
Yes...non-white people can get Downs

nothing racist about your question at all, dont worry about it

anyone can be born with DS

Down's syndrome is a genetic condition known as trisomy, where a person inherits an extra copy of one chromosome. People with Down's syndrome have three copies of chromosome 21 rather than two. This additional genetic material changes the finely tuned balance of the body and results in characteristic physical and intellectual features.

The Cheminator
Down syndrome is a genetic disease cause when chromosomes do not split equally during meiosis. ! chromosome is missing. This can happen to any race.

yes, definitely, down syndrome can afferct anyone of anny race..

A person is born with this genetic defect - chromosomes are at fault. . .one does not acquire this, or 'catch' it from others.

I think anyone can get Down Syndrome, I think its something of birth

There is nothing at all wrong with your question. As many others have said, a baby of any ethnicity can have Down syndrome. As the mom to a beautiful little boy with Down syndrome, I am active in the DS community and have seen people from all walks of life. Sadly though, some cultures still treat children with DS abominably and institutionalize them, which may be an explanation of why you may not see as many people in certain countries.

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