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Can a cold last 3 to 4 weeks?
I was diagnosed with Schleroderma 3 years ago, and it is the limited kind which affects my hand mostly, this may be irrelevant, but I seem to have had cold like symptoms for 3 weeks now. First I had a sore throat, then sinus problems, and then a persistant cough mostly at night. I started to cough up yellow gunk and so I thought it was getting out of my system, and I was feeling a bit better, they a week later I got the sore throat again and all the symptoms back...It's been 3 weeks now and I'm still sneezing, and have a raspy irritated throat. Some say it's allergies, but Ive never had an allergy before, andI am 30 years of age. I recently lost a pet, and had a change of job, and started a rough semester of school, could stress cause these cold like symptoms? or can a cold come back if you don' t take care of yourself? or possibly an allergy or another underlying condition like schleroderma??? I feel tired alot too, like drained of energy, Any advice, I just want to feel healthy..

ur personal problem could not possibly be the reason dat affected ur health. cold and cough for 3-4weeks is serious.. the maximum lasts for 2weeks. u should go get an x-ray done for ur nose and chest.... not trying to scare u...but its always good to be on the safer side!
and if its only a sneezing problem dat u have, then chill! its only an allergy... i have the same kind of problem..

It could be an allergy these can occur later on in life and with all the pollutants on pollen producing trees and shrubs can cause further problems for some.

Stress too can cause some symptoms or it could be some other ailment completely. It certainly sounds like you need to build up your immune system.

I would go see you doc and get checked out.

Later do visit your health food shop too to get some advice on boosting your immune system. The main thing is to eat properly (fresh fruit and veg everyday and drink plenty of water).

Good wishes

retired gentleman
Man From Delmonte
he say yes.
Get well soon.

Stress + Germs= cold
You have had more than one virus. You need a vacation from your problems.

i've been feeling the same, & it even makes my teeth HURT a lot', / doc wants to do a doppler on my throat area tommorow for possible blockage,

A cold can take even up to 4 weeks for you to start feeling better just try to rest and drink plenty of fluids

just to start im no doctor, but i do know this year has been terrible for allergies, just got to ask have you gone to a doctor yet? my son had flu like symptoms for about 2 weeks took him to the doctor and found out he had ammonia from it.

I have a pre-exsisting lung disease and my colds usually last for a month, it can be prolonged because of many things, such as allergens in the air, stress, not getting enough rest and vitiamin C, but the fact that you're coughing up coloured phelgm, makes me think it may be more than a cold and the best course of action for you to take is to go to the doctor and get yourself checked out in case it has gone to your chest and you have an infection of some kind...

Hope you feel better soon

Allergies can start at any age. Stress can make you more susceptible to re-infection if it is a cold virus. Make an effort to drink more fluids, try to get more rest, and if you really think it's a new allergy, see your doctor. In the mean time, there are OTC allergy med's that won't do any damage to try.

If it's the deadly manflu it can last 6-8 weeks!!

colds usually have 3 sections ..3 days coming 3 days here and 3 days going..sometimes there is a residual effect after which is due to a little soreness at the back of the throat .after all the coughing.the body reacts and makes you continue coughing..if you have other symptoms then you should see your doctor..

Tina W
First there is a virus called mononucliosis and it presents like strep throat, but lasts very long as is difficult to get rid of without appropriate rest. This can be tested by a simple blood test that some clinics can do in house and have results in about 5 minutes. Second, stress can most definitely decrease your immunity therefore make it harder for you to heal and easier to pick up the bug again. Third, you can develop allergies at any point in your life. I took Amoxicillin my entire life then at 18 yrs old had a severe reaction that ended in anaphylatic shock. The allergy season is about over so if it is allergies it should be clearing up pretty soon. Also, do you live in an older home? Is it possible you're house has mold in the walls? This could be another explanation because you'd never really be well because the cause of the allergy is in your home. Lastly if it is more than a simple cold (which is a virus) and and actual infection (which colored mucus is a sign of infection), then it will not go away on it's own, it will need antibiotics. Hope this helps.

I am tempted to wonder if your "cold" symptoms might actually be manifestations of envinronmental/seasonal allergies. You can develop allergies at any age. The symptoms are certainly similar, and allergies tend to be active for longer than the typical 7-10 day, garden vareity cold virus. Have you found any relief from over-the-counter allergy medications (e.g., sudafed, claritin, benedryl)?

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