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Dallas C
Can't pass gas?
I have had large amounts of fiber in my diet. %50 of what I eat in a day is fiber. This has been going on for a while but it has getting worse.I have a hard time passing gas when I need too. I only have a stool about the size of a pea pod each day. They are not hard, they are soft and hard to wipe. this is not consitpation. what is it. What can I do to releave the disscomfort? This is starting to make me fee very ill. please help.
Additional Details
I do not drink coffee, I have trouble with dairys, all I drink at work is water. I have no car so I walk and take the bus every where I go. I eat three small meals a day. breakfast "all bran" lunch"soup, sandwich" supper"1/2 pasta 1/2 of fruit" in one day. O yeah... I also smoke.

Well I suggest you go buy some summers eve douche and stick it up your anus it will leave your anus cleansed and refreshed and it should break up all the crap and get it out too good luck :)

I would go to a doctor because you might spontaneously combust if you dont pass the gas soon.

Dallas if u have ASTHA channel in ur TV, sit one hour with that programme, it will resolve ur problem not only for the gas, but all ur other problem of what u urself dont know its in ur body.

Go to a natural health store, and buy a bottle of powdered colon cleanse. You will feel better in no time. www.healthplusinc.com. Hope you feel better.

robert m
Eat some fireball chili.

Please check with a physician. It sounds like you need to be worked up.

Maybe you are taking too much fiber. Try taking a stool softener or maybe an enema.
You need to see a doctor. It is not a good sign when you can't pass gas and your bowel movements aren't normal this can be a sign of a blockage.

Try using baking soda in water. The directions are on the baking soda box. As for your stools it sounds like you need to add a fiber supplement to help bulk up your stools.

kramer lee
you are having too much fibre and not enough water. Cut down a bit on fibre and make sure you have at least 8 glasses of water per day.

Frank Freaport

hmm. I guess it might be the quality of the fibre that you are taking in. You might need to decrease the beans and whole grains and INCREASE the fresh, raw, ripe, organic fruits and veggies. Decrease or cut out the following: coffee, chocolate, sugar, dairy and other animal products. Definitely INCREASE the fresh, raw, ripe, organic fruits and veggies and make smoothies as well. If this doesn't work in one week, then read about cleansing and fasting. A fast is really the way to start getting your life back in order and then raw vegan. It works.

all the best!

Sandy A, RN
You can be constipated but still pass stool. What will pass is stool that is small and soft, that is how it gets around the hard stool lodged in your intestines. I agree with above answer that you are taking in a lot of fiber but not enough fluid. At this stage since you are beginning to feel very ill, it is time to see a doctor ASAP before you get any worse, such as a total bowel obstruction or perforation of the intestine. The doctor will get an Xray to see just how much stool is in your intestines and will then decide the safest means to get it out of there. It maybe as simple as a stool softener or enema. Things aren't good in there if you are feeling very ill. The doctor will also be able to rule out any infections. I would be seen now so you avoid any complications that may arise. Drink water! Good luck!

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