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matthew o
Boil near the anus?
I suffer from this pain I mean boil near my anus almost every 4month and each time I go to the emergency they take it out but nobody seems to tell me what I will do to eliminate the disease permantely. If you have any anwser please help

use a staple gun to pop it

what the hell is that♫♥

♥Bow Chicka Wow Wow♥

so-cal chic
Feel very bad for you, you should see a specialist maybe there are pills to take for that, considering there is medication for almost every little thing you can think of.

Pure Jersey
Have you been tested for herpes?

Dunno why I got a thumbs down. It is a legitimate question.

Are you sure its not a hemmorhoid? There are things they can give you to help. Try seeing a doctor who specializes in that area....

If it really IS a boil (though it does sound more like hemorrhoids), then it's most likely a bacterial infection, specifically Staph. This is present on many people's skin and even in their mouths, but certain strains can cause very bad infections, even fatal, if not treated with antibiotics.

Ask your doctor if this could be the cause (they can test for it). IF it is, you need antibiotics.

If not, then make sure you keep the area clean, shower regularly and cleanse with anti-bacterial soap and even cloths. (You can get them in the drug store).

That area has TONS of germs, for obvious reasons, and should be kept as clean as possible! There could also be other reasons for this "boil". You need a regular doctor.

Also, remember to wash your hands after using the bathroom! Otherwise, you can spread whatever you've got.

y'all leave that man alone and his @$$ is hurting.
try getting you some cream for hemorrhoids and see if that helps.
or try going to your doctor and telling them that you are in a lot of pain and they might give you some medicine and remove it for you.
good luck

Well geez i cannot believe u got alot of boils(balls) to say this online. :) :) i think u should gooooogle it!

Ouch I am sorry. I would go see ur doctor. In the mean time try washing that area with Neutrogena Body Clear body wash.

Wow! That's a real pain in the azz huh!

It is NOT a hemorrhoid, that's for sure. It's an abscess and whoever is taking care of you at the emergency room is not doing it well. You need to go to a good medical doctor, general surgeon preferably and he/she will take care of it immediately.

OUCH! Im sure if there was a cure, they would tell you. Im sure you currently do, but try washing extra well? Good luck with this one man

ilona c
have they looked into the possibility that it's not a boil but a cyst, if it's a cyst they need to remove the cyst wall and the core not just lance it. please don't try any home surgery that's the one sure way of getting a really bad staph infection, if it keeps coming back I'd go to see a specialist.
sounds painful i hope you get better from this soon.

Ya Tibya Lublyu
ouch. sorry to hear that. go to a specialist

Have you looked Really good? It could be an ingrown hair.

Miss Sunshine
Why don't you try going to a regular Dr for this problem instead of just the ER. The ER is for emergencies...that is to say that it's not their job to help you "prevent" them from coming back...just to get rid of the one you currently have.

Boils are skin absesses...anytime you have a cut, scrape, splinter, ingrown hair...you have the chance to have a boil appear. The best "prevention" is proper skin care (i.e. use of antibacterial soaps) in order to keep all areas of your skin free from bacteria which can lead to infection.

So basically wipe & wash your butt more. And talk to your regular Dr about if this is being caused by ingrown hairs...if it is...then consider permanent hair removal from your anal area.


Perry J
You sure it's not a Hemorrhoid? Clean your bottom more if it is in fact a boil. If it's a Rhoid, increase fiber, try not to lift heavy things, and don't pick at it!

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