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Jeremy F
Blood in my urine?
I had blood in my urine last night, and it hasn't happened again since, I'm booked into the doctors.
it was a one off thing, could it be bladder cancer? i'm only 14
Additional Details
Yes, it sort of burns when i urinate

if u r a girl u could have started ur period

It could be prostate cancer. However, if it only happened once, it could be something more mild but still needs treating.

Good luck.

Seth T
idk... never heard of bladder cancer.
i hope you are going to be ok tho...

It's a badder infection. (UTI). You'll be fine.

Nurse Nice
Stop reading medical sites - these will only make you paranoid.

If it is anything, it is probably a bladder or kidney infection.

Was it alot or a little? Are you experiencing any pain in your lower abdomen? Are you experiencing any pain when urinating? I doubt you have "Bladder Cancer", at age 14
I wouldnt worry, your doctor will do some tests to rule out liver or kidney problems..He'll do some organ functions tests and blood work and ask your questions to determine a diagnosis..
Good Luck..

did it burn or hurt when you peed? blood in urine could mean many things. bladder infection, passing of kidney stones, ect. cancer, im not 100 % sure, but i dont thinks so.. im not a doctor buy my hubby had blood in urine and it was passing of kidney stones.
good luck

Um yah it might be or ur having bladder problems or an infection...hopefully you'll be okay!

Um go to http://www.medicinenet.com/blood_in_urine/article.htm ...this website should tell u

And i hope u get better sooN!

Chill, and don't think for the worst.
Just hope that it's something minor.
Worrying will only make it all the worse.

I'm sure you will be fine. Try not to think about it until your doc gives you the news as of what it is!

I don't think so. Could be a bladder infection or a kidney stone.

s. m.
you probably have a urinary tract infection. did you experience pain upon urination? are you drinking enough water this summer? you need to drink 8 glasses per day in the summer (more if you are exercising outside.) UTI's are very easy to treat. an oral antibiotic for a few days & you're good to go. drink water to prevent this from happening again.
good luck!

It's to early to tell but don't worry to much because you can make yourself sick doing that. If the blood gets worse you should go to the hospital. Sometimes blood in the urine is a sign of Kidney malfunction. Modern medicine will take care of you. I understand you are young which means you have a lot of fight in you and whatever it is you will beat. Good luck honey

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