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Autism!! Are there any cases of kids with autism that have not been vaccinated???
Since many people believe there is a link between vaccination and autism, I would like to know if there is anybody with an autistic child who was not vaccinated.
Thank you

The latest on the incidence of Autism as a result of thimerosal exposure doesn't support this theory.

Colts girl
Makes you wonder doesn't it? I don't know of any,but I work in a lab where I have regular autistic children in. Talking with many parents...it's really interesting that this may be the "main" cause. Who knows what else that will turn up 20,30 Or 40 years down the line.

there are lots of people that are autistic and it has nothing to do with being vaccinated.

I have worked in this area for several years and saw quite a few of autistic children who had not been vaccinated, precisely due to parents' fears. Interestingly, rates of measles have recently risen in some countries due to parents not getting their kids vaccinated.


I'm so glad you asked this question! I work with autistic children on a daily basis...I have yet to see one w/o an immunization schedule. That's not saying there aren't any, I just haven't seen them.

There's just too much of an unknown. We won't be vaccinating our daughter.

Celeste V
This is exactly the question I would like to have answered as well! My son has autism and was vaccinated but it only stands to reason that some kind of study should be done with unvaccinated children to definitively answer whether there is a correlation or not. I have been trying to find out if there are any studies being conducted with unvaccinated children but have been unsuccessful. I am also curious about anyone who had a lot of ultrasounds during pregnancy. I had a "high risk" pregnancy and was given multiple ultrasounds which I am now reading some scientists believe may correlate to the high incident of autism now.

I don't know if there is!!! The Thing is no one does! That is a good question though. From the research I have done there are children that is born with Autism. Then are the children that parents claim were developing fine until after a certain vaccine.( Some people claim it's a coincidence, that the child just so happens to get autism symptoms at the time of the shot). I've looked at the Vaccine adverse reaction Reporting system (VARS) and if this is the case it's quite a Huge coincidence I'D say!!!!! Now I think that it is necessary for the medical community to look into these claims and not ignore the parent. It's the parent that are with thier child everyday. It's the parent that knows how thier child is developing. AND most of all it's the parent that knows when there is something wrong! Parental Instinct is very strong and if the medical community would just learn that it would be nice. I hope that they find out the cause real soon, but I also hope that they liston to the parents and study more into this vaccine issue! Not just with it causing autism, Just show me the reports that show they are safe. The real evidence that they are "Safe" and not causing harm. My girls will not get the rest of thier vaccines until then!!!! Now my daughter did get most of her vaccines, and I thank God that she is doing fine! My other daugter has only gotten the first two rounds! My nephew got his chicken pox shot and got the chicken pox( A Milder case). My daughter was near him and broke out in spots I took her to the doctor and he told me they were bug bites. Now come on I am not a doctor and I know what a bug bite looks like, and they were not bug bites. Thats an example of a doctor not listoning to the parent!!! I hade alot of ultrasounds with both my pregnancy's and as far as I know neither one has autism! Thats also a good question though!

I knew a woman that did not have her second child vaccinated because her first child had a vaccine reaction.
The second child developed autism anyway.
I have heard of doctors whose first child developed autism from the vaccines and then refused to vaccinate his other kids. The non-vaccinated kids did not develop autism.
I also know of a mother whose first child developed autism. She spaced out the vaccines with the next child and that child did not have autism.
There are many causes of autism other than vaccinations. It has largely to do with the immune status of the children.
I also received lots of ultrasounds because I had placenta previa during my pregnancy. This was confirmed by the c section. I know about the risk factors but I don't think that the ultrasounds caused my son's autism. Mercury toxicity caused my son's autism and now I have proof.
The Amish are one of the few people who do not have autism.
They do not vaccinate. The govenment is trying very hard to prevent anyone from strudying the Amish.

I do alot of research on autism. I wish I had the resource, but there was a study on amish (they do not vaccinate) and non amish kids who were vaccinated. Interestingly there were no cases of autism in amish community---not one, they do have a higher incidence of mental retardation. Anyways it is well know that people on the spectrum are defincent in gluthione. They have a hard time getting rid of heavy metals. If you get a hold of the ingrediants in vaccinations it is very alarming, downright disguisting. And remember there is mercury in the air we breath, not just vaccinations so if the body has faulty detox....um...maybe this shows up as AS symptoms. Compare mercury symptoms to autism symptoms, this is enough evidence to detox!!! These kids and adults need to get rid of the heavy metals. You do this by any or all of the following: herbs, cleanses, clays, healthy whole food diet=don't eat garbage that our ancestors did not eat, and support with supplements, And number one heal the gut with probiotics and enzymes!!! very important. Some people believe in homepathic to erase vaccination effects, this can work if you get right one. I vaccinated my children, but wished I did not knowing all I know now--ingrediants in vaccinations and vaccination induced measles (live in guts of autistic individuals). Oh, and not to mention medically controlled labor....petocin should be studied as being the culpret in autism . Petocin is used in 80 percent of births, package insert says it can cause brain damage and change the central nervous system!!! Oh, and epidurals, causing lack of oxygen...yikes. Could this be the increase in autism???? I firmly believe autism is the result of modern medicine!!!!

larry L
In Denmark vaccination is optional. A long term study was done on vaccinated children and non-vaccinated children. Both groups produced exactly the same percentage of infantile autism.

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