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Philly G
6 year old girl with foul smelling urine?
i checked this site http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/urine-odor/AN00958 and it said foul smelling urine is usually due to an infection of the kidneys or bladder. but i have been smelling this awful smell in the bathroom for weeks now and finally figured out it was my youngest daughter's urine so i cant believe it could be an infection or she would have been very ill by now. she says there has not been any itching or burning and she has not had any fever. she doesnt eat asparagus and there have not been any changes in her diet so i am very perplexed about this. i am going to make a doctor's appt on monday.
Additional Details
the question is, what ELSE could it be? is there a disease or condition that i missed that also causes this that i missed?

why are you sharing this? there's no question here.

Find out how dark it is. Perhaps it's merely strong because she's not drinking enough liquids.

Definitely an indication of an infection or or an endocrine problem.

Get her to the doctor as soon as possible.

Well she just might not be drinking enough water, so you should check out the color of her urine, and if it is really dark then she needs more water, that also effects the smell.... good luck with that!

Yes, do take her to the Dr. and have her urine tested.
Infections within the body can hang on for months or longer without making a person seriously ill. Yet, other infections will take-over quickly and be very serious. Do have her checked.
I believe a urinary tract infection is what you will find.

bladder infections usually cause pain but this is not the case with kidney infections she would have a temperature if infection was present .I am more inclined to believe she is dehydrated so increase her water consumtion , not any fluid just WATER. urine should be clear

tequila baby 2010
it could be that she isnt drinking enough water. also she might be drinking to many cokes or has been holding it in to long. when i was smaller i had some sort of a bladder infection and the doctor told my mom to have me drink cranberry juice. that might help

There are several possible causes. Between now and your doctor appt. Start keeping track of her. Note how often she is going. Have a look at her urine, look for color, amount and consistency( does it look clear or cloudy). Some of the possibilities are dehydration, infection, diabetes, kidney disease. Keeping track of these things will help you doctor. Also before the appointment give her something to drink, because the first thing her doctor will probably do is want a urine sample. Most likely it is something very simple, but I agree she needs to see her pediatrician

thats what is sounds like, bladder, kidney infection. u dont necessarily have to have any other symptoms present.

Its not impossible for young, very young, girls to get infections. It can be caused simply by wiping from back to front, instead of front to back! Take her to the doctors.

Daft One
Yes, the kid could have an infection. But the child could also have diabetes. Get her checked for BOTH, please!!!!


Dr. Gregg
It could be due to a variety of things. Infection is high on the list, and your daughter might not realize she is having painful urination if this has been going on a long time (she may think that's the way it is now). Another is diabetes, which would also predispose her to infection and smelly urine (because the sugar in the urine would feed naturally occuring bacteria). Another is genetic diseases of amino acid metabolism, but these are likely to have been diagnosed at an earlier age.

It is important to get her in to see a doctor as soon as possible, and I am glad you will do this Monday. She will need blood and urine samples to diagnose any of these possibilities. She should go into these tests in a fasting state, so if you get an appointment early in the morning, don't let her eat breakfast so you can get the tests done then. If you go in after 10:00, do the test the next day (at 7:00-8:00 am).

Meanwhile, make sure she drinks plenty of water. Check her urine to see if you can get it to lighten up (should be nearly clear) and reduce the odor with greater fluid intake. And good luck Monday.

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