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Gestational Diabetes - 1 hour test?
I took the hour test and they said I have it. Do I have to start watching my sugar and what I eat closer now that I already have it or can I wait till I go back for the 3 hour test to start changes?
Additional Details
I eat very healthy lots of fruit veggies and protein. . I just do have 1 treat a day. at night its a cookie and milk.

well, that depends. are you eating donuts and junk everyday ? if so, I would stop. just eat healthy !

Sophia J
Gestational diabetes can harm you and your baby, so you need to consider about it seriously and start caring at once. Control your food habits, exercise regularly, even if blood glucose testing and insulin injections if required use them. Follow your doctor's advice. Try to keep healthy weight and maintain your progress it will help in the treatment.

34 weeks with a baby boy!
The one hour test is just a screening. You don't have it, until you are confirmed through the three hour test. If you were diagnosed after a one hour test most pregnant women would be diagnosed, because a LOT of ladies "fail" the one hour and pass the three hour. You don't know that you have GD until you do the three hour test.

You should start making changes to your diet as soon as possible. The sooner the better in cases like this.

Need Answers
If you only have 1 treat a day and its just a cookie with milk then i would wait til you have the 3 hour test to be sure you have it.
Also at that test you could ask for some info on what to change and how to manage it.



1. Severely limit your carb level, taking only from the low glycemic range.

2. Don't load your metabolism to the eye balls first thing in the morning, stick to protein and veg and nuts of the low carb kind.

3. Do not eat any carbs once you finnish work, since your body will be much less efficient once it becomes less active.

Nyclee, during pregnancy the hormones can make you glucose intolerant and it's not a factor of how you've been eating up to this point. It's just a factor of the hormones (which is why it doesn't show up until the 3rd trimester).

If you are diagnosed you will be given a meal plan to follow. In general, if you want to avoid sugar spikes, remember that it's carbohydrates that matter, not just "treats". Lots of fruit is not advisable; some fruit as long as you eat it with protein at the same time to slow down how fast it's broken down is probably okay. Go easy on the breads, pastas, rice, etc.

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