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 What are the consequences of falling asleep with eye contacts?
i want to know if anything bad will happen if i accidentally fall asleep while still having the contacts in my ...

 Albinism and eye color?
I have Grey eyes that change color depending on what I wear (from bluish to greenish, more blue then green) anyway, my eyes are very very sensitive to light, it hurts when ever I am around bright ...

 Why is my other eye more blurry than the other while wearing contact lens?
I've been wearing contact lens since November 2007 and I only noticed this blurriness earlier this year. I thought that my other high had a higher grade vision but when I got them rechecked they ...

 Eye Tests??
Whenever i read i get all light headed and have headaches and feel nauseous. I went to the eye doctors almost a year ago and he said i dont need glasses YET but my eyes are getting worse. and now ...

 Clear white eyes?
How do I get clear white eyes?

I've been drinking more water lately and I live in a humid climate.

I want clear white eyes like this one girl in my class. I saw her eyes ...

 Which brand of contact lenses do you prefer?
Please post all of the brands you have tried. Tell me about their pros and cons, and which one do you prefer most. I'm going to need to buy some new contact soon, so I'm hoping to find a ...

 Strange eye reaction?
For some reason my eyes react strange and affect my vision, when this happens I get a glimpse of all these black dark colors (black dark blue turq) then I blink afterwords and it goes away (happnes ...

 Is it a scratched cornea and, if so, what to do?
I was walking down the street (in Washington, DC) and suddenly something tiny and hard hit my eye--maybe from a tire. I thought that it must have gotten stuck in my eye because it stung like an ...

 Why do you see bright white lights when you rub your eyes for a long time.?

 Contact Lenses Help :( ?
So today I went to the doctors to get my lesson on how to put in, take out, and handle contacts. The cleaning part was easy but getting them in was like impossible. I couldn't get them in! I did ...

 Why do my eyes change colour?They've been almost every possible option there is!?
I had blue eyes till i was two.Since then they've been changing colour and its really annoying.They where pale green, hazel, dark brown,dark green,goldish-green,pale brown,,almost black,dark ...

 Get lasik or contacts ?
So I hate my glasses and I have wanted contacts forever but everyone I know says they are really uncomfortable and not worth it. Surgery is hecka spendy tho' is it worth it to fork out a ton of ...

 If someone has 20/25 for vision, do they need glasses?
My friend thinks he needs glasses with that kind of vision and I dont believe him. How bad is that? Would someone with that vision have a hard time reading?...

 Eye laser surgery-where is the best place to have it done?
Where has the highest success rate and least problems? Has anyone experienced bad problems?...

 What can i do with these contact lenses?
i recently got a stronger prescription from my eye doctor so therefore this box is completely useless (it has 5 unopened contacts)

It seems like a waste to throw away, so what else can i ...

 What can i put my contacts in besides saline solution?
i really need to take my contacts out; i've had them in for four days, but i don't have any saline solution left..can i put them in water or something?
Additional Details
um, ...

 Can I so a laser eye surgery when I'm 13??

Additional Details
my eyes are really really bad and everything is a bluir to me and i can't even read a book that is flat on my face, i can't see faces and anything without ...

 How much is a sight test on the NHS if I'm 18 and not in education?
I'm due an eye test and wondered how much it costs for a check up now that I'm 18 and no longer in full time education. Thanks.
Additional Details
I can't get it free ...

 Sharp pain when insterting contacts?
Don't say go to emergency, because I know it's not seriouse. Earlier today I put my contacts in and one felt really irrattated, so I took it out and there was an eyelash in it! Yikes, so ...

 Do eyes worsen only because of genetics?
i went to see a eye doctor for an eye exam, and he said that my eyes got a lot worse mostly (or only) because of genetics, not from overwatching tv or playing computer games. if it was because of ...

Why is there a squeaking sound when I rub one of my eye? What could be wrong?

Today, when I was rubbing my left eye, I heard a sueaking noise. It is especially so if I rub near the bridge of my nose.

What could be wrong and What should I do?

Thanks for answering my qn =)

Billy T
This sound is very normal for you and many other people.You are moving your face in a way that lets just the right amount of air to escape from under your eyelid to make this noise.This noise will not hurt you in any way

Mine has always done this too. Your eye is essentially connected to your sinus's, when you rub near the tear duct (where it connect to the sinus's) you are trapping air in the little hole there and thats whats making the squeaking noise. Its nothing to worry about both me and my dad's eyes do it, its harmless. Just dont rub so hard!

That's normal. Mine do it all the time. Sometimes when I blink, i hear a sound that's like a combination between a click and a creaking sound.

you sure it's an eye? IT'S A MOUSE!

you DO NOT need to be scared. (i think)

this happens to me sometimes as well, i dont know why, i guess were just getting old (im 16 years old)

maybe its because thats just the natural sound, or back behind our eyes are dry. but dont panic, its nothin that will cause your eye to fall out or anything like that.

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