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Can these eye-glasses be used in formal and professional occasions?
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Right: -2.25SPH +2.00CYL 92.5AXIS
Left: -2.00SPH +1.75 CYL 85.0AXIS

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Right: -1.50SPH -1.00CYL 60.00AXIS
Left: -...

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Why is my other eye more blurry than the other while wearing contact lens?
I've been wearing contact lens since November 2007 and I only noticed this blurriness earlier this year. I thought that my other high had a higher grade vision but when I got them rechecked they were still the same.

Still, when I close my left eye I can see that the right eye is blurrier than the left. I feel uncomfortable. I use the drops for lubricating them but it's still blurry. My left eye is okay.

I Found Love!
your eye is okay the contacts are bad. well not bad you have to switch lenses get some testers to see first.

my right eye was clear my left eye was blurry and i told the doctor he switched me to acuve advanced and i can see now. just switch brands

dental girl
have your eyes rechecked. change your contacts, rub the lens when you clean them

I would get myself to the doctor. My daughter that is 30 had this trouble and was put through several tests and has a brain tumor..also there could be the lifting of your lens. But never put off anything with your sight. Any change in any health areas needs attention!

you probably have an astigmatism in the blurry eye. It just mean the curve of the eye is too steep so things will look a little blurry with contact lenses. I have that happen too.

Funny you should mention this. I just got contacts last week after having not worn them for 6 years. There is definite blurring with my right eye, almost as though everything is slightly out of synch.

My theory is that we both got prescribed disposable contacts right out of a box because it was easier than ordering custom ones and the doc didn't think there would be a noticable difference, even though our eyes are obviously not of even strengths.

Hope you find an answer. I'll be getting mine on Tuesday.

Maybe you just see better out of one eye than the other. I have been like this for years. I register as having 20/20 in both eyes with my contacts in or glasses on, but I swear I can not see out of my left eye as well as my right. I can not explain it except I just think that my brain listens more to my right eye than my left. Ask your doctor if this could be th case! I now have a bifocal lense that is enhanced with monovision, so my left eye is really being only used for reading and my right eye for distance as I am right eye distance domninant, so I am enhancing my own weirdness and making it work for me. Good luck and do not forget to ask your doctor!

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