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 Color contacts?
Does anybody know how much color contacts are? I'm thinking about getting brown contacts but I don't need a prescription so I was wondering if they are still the same price without a ...

 How old do you have to be to get laser eye surgery?

 What happens when your eye doctor widen your pupils? what does it called?does it hurt? please help!!?
does it hurt? do they do that in Lenscrafter? will you be able to see anything? please help!...

 Changing your eye color?
is there anyway i can change my eye color without getting contacts?
i have blue eyes and i wanted to make them green.
Additional Details
heheee chill people.
i was jsut ...

 White cloth for cleaning glasses?
I am have been told I am long sighted and brought glasses last week,

The white cloth to clean my glassess is a bit dirty and is smudging my lenses can I wash it or are you not supposed to?...

 Can you get any real damage from looking at a tv too long?
eg, looking at a computer screen or tv, is their any real risk of damaging ur eyes.....

 Do your eyes get bigger or smaller as you get older?

 Im gonna get glasses soon..?
because i have some trouble lookin at the board from far away in school. idk it takes me a litle longer to make sense of what it says cuz i see it a litle blurry. i only need them for class, i can ...

 Does anyone have any problems driving with progressive lenses?
Ive had my progressive lenses for 2months,and i hate them for driving when im driving i cant have my head up straight (as it blurs) how i would if i would drive without them,if i reverse into a car ...

 What should I do about losing my eyeglasses?
I lost them on Thursday or Friday, & now I can't concentrate or focus because my eye muscles are weak. I can still see, but I need them so I can see better....

 I just got these contacts that I ordered from fresh look color blends and there are two boxes...?
And is each one specificlly for an eye (right or left) but there is no R or L sign but is it supposed to be a specific sign?? Pls help!?
Additional Details
These aren't for seeing ...

 What kind of disease do I have? Every time I write or read something, I am pretty sure I wrote what I intended
to but then it comes out that what I ‘thought’ I wrote WAS WRONG!
I am wearing my glasses but my mind is reading something else… You can see that in my last question.......

 How can i make my eyesight sharp?
my eyesight has become weak. suggest some diet supplements for it....

 Has anyone seen anyone with natural two diffrent eye colors?

 Contacts lenses in the POOL?
is it safe to wear contact lenses in the chlorinated water?...

 How do i make my eye sight worse?
i can see without glasses its just a little foggy.when i tried on my friends glasses a seen perfictly,everything was clear.but when i take eye tests i can see the letters and #.what should i do?...

 I will be 26 next month and just had my first eye exam since I've lately been having difficulty seeing details?
from far. My near vision has always been fine. My vision was never perfect; I've always known that one eye was weaker, but it seemed to be adequate and I never really had trouble seeing until ...

 How to remove a contact lense?
I can put it on I just cant take it off help please Im not allowed to wear it anymore cuz of this and I need it I dont wanna go back to glasses :(.....

 I have a vision -0.75 right eye and -1 left eye. is that bad?
and how can i improve my eyesight naturally because i don't liKe wearing glasses. also i don't have glasses right now but i have a headache. what should i do?
should i wear glasses all ...

 Bump on my eye?
So, my eye started out being irritated by me wearing my contacts everyday because my eye doctor told me I naturally have a dry eye. So my eye was red and I stopped wearing my contacts. It's ...

Why do we virtually see only black and white and very little colour when outside at night?

Damon L
Well in the dark, you see all colours, but when it gets too dark, ur ertina (back of eye) basically cant handle that amount of darkness, therefore, ur body start to see in black and white to stop ur eyes from well tensing so hard, u go blind. it works like when you need glasses, u cant see the bored and your eyes hurt, but your body adjusts to it

You need light in order to see color.

well, you don't see white,its a lite blue,just look a little closer,when i first started painting i use that misstake an a very well known artist kinda told me diff.

ummm cuz its dark out???!!! LOL

lil k h
well damon is acuatly right, well he exlpained it but not fully so you guys could understand. like relefts but when its too dark out, no lighe is there to relect, therefore, disabling you to see in all colours

Catherine E: VT
Color is just the amount of light that reflects off of an object onto your eye. When it's dark out, there isn't much light reflecting, so everything looks gray.


Because the sun is not shining and it is DARK!!

Mikey: NSB
Evolution - humans evolved to sleep at night and hunt/gather during the day, so no need for good vision at night like other critters which are nocturnal.

Okay everybody! Vision 101:

Your retina contains rods and cones.

Cones = color vision. There are about 6-7 million cones in your eye. Cones are not sensitive enough to perceive color at night, so rods take over.

Rods = black and white vision. They respond to intensity rather than color. There are about 120 million rods in your eye.

See http://www.infovisual.info/03/047_en.html

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