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 Which eye color enables you to see better than other eye colors?

 Contact fitting overcharge?
I just went in for a contact fitting and all they did was check me on a couple machines and then they ordered my RGP contacts. I have to pay $65 for each lens and wait about 2 weeks to have them put ...

 I have blue contacts that are prescribed for a year. It's been 2years now and I still wear them here and ther
when I go out at night. I take them off at night when I go to bed and in the mornig my eyes are more than a little irritated and dry. I have not bought new ones cause I don't have money to ...

 Help Please?
Omg My Contacts Arent Coming To The 27th And I Wear Glasses During Classes And In My House Just Not Going Out. My Parents Are Trying To Make Me Wear Them All The Time Help I Look Horrible With G...

 Colored Contacts???
i am thinking about getting colored contacts, but i dont have a clue about them. here are the questions i have:

1) i heard they can cause blindness, is that true?
2) can they cause ...

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Eye Clinic
White F...

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I have heard that contact lenses can keep your vision from getting worse... is this true?...

 What is astigmitism?
my eye doctor told me i have asgimitism and i dont really know what that means do you guys know?...

 The whites of my eyes are a little bluish (they still look white from far away). Is there something wrong?
I'm only 15 and I don't have cholesterol.
I have brown eyes with a blue rim around them, if this info helps.
Additional Details
I don't smoke, I take vitamins ...

 Does reading too much (even with adequate lighting) damage your eyes? any info on this?
or is it related to age or genes? accountants i know all need to wear glasses(they all are near sighted)
Additional Details
some as young as 24...

 I have been experiencing eye twitching, blurry vision and related symptoms...related to the brain mass?
Twitching happens in both eyes about the same. Blurry vision in my right eye. Also, I've been having bad headaches (like...it's been a while since I've started regularly getting them) ...

 Has anyone here ever benefited from eye exercises?
or improved their vision that ...

 Which contacts to get? I have dry eyes & astigmatism. Thanks.?

 Is it possible for me to wear colored contact lens if I can still see?
I want to know if It's possible for me to wear colored contact lens if there's nothing wrong with my vision? I want to know if colored contact lens are only for People with bad eyesight?...

 I have a stye..but i need my contacts?
okay, so i just developed a stye for two days and i start school tomorrow. i was wondering what would happen if i wore eye contacts because i dont have glasses. will it increase risk or anything?...

 Opticians: Do you think it is advisable to take a Friend or Partner along when choosing new spectacles?

 How much do contact lenses cost each year?
im thinking about getting contacts this month or next month
how much do they usually cost for each eye every month or year. a diagram or a link would be good but knowledge is good too. i am ...

 My contact lenses feel dry?
i have been wearing contact lenses for around 3 years now but recenlty after around an hour of putting them in my eyes start to feel really dry and the lens feels uncomfortable and sort of picky in ...

 Has any one noticed a loss of 3D vision or textural awareness as they've started to wear glasses or contacts?
things looking flat 2 dimensional or grey?...

 How do I know if there isn't enough oxygen going in my eye?
I just started wearing contact lenses a week ago. I would like to find out how I would know if there weren't enough oxygen going into my eyes by just observing my eyes. Therefore I would know if ...

heidi the ghosthunter
Why do we need that gooey sleepy stringy stuff in our eyes?
apart from deterring foreign bodies etc it really gets on my nerves
Additional Details
i've always had stringy crap in my eyes guys

if you wear contacts i notice i have more of that stuff. espicially if i fall asleep with them in.

stop doing it

I get sleep dust but not goo - if this is a new thing then I'd check to see if you have conjunctivitus or not.

Its a liquid that protects your eyes and usually dries out at night if its discloured and stringy I'd see a doctor

You kind of answered your own question - "deter foriegn bodies".
The gooey stuff in the corner of your eyes is the result of your eye flushing out dirt and other stuff that's not meant to be there. Girls who wear eye make-up are likely to get more of it than other people.

Mr Mills
ask your man friend to stop doing that when you are asleep - it's not nice.

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