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really weird

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Why do my eyes burn so bad in the morning when i wake up?
I don't were contacts or glasses,could the A/C running all night have something to do with it? They stop after a few hrs.

Deadly Toyz
most of these sound about like i wouls say, but another added theory i get along with those is if i have had a few to many ( which is very likely daily thing) my eyes seem to have the burn because when you "pass out" your eyes aren't closed all the way. you might also want to wash your pillows and when you throe them in the dryer, throw in some new tennis balls to fluff them out. also you should use 3M's air filters in your A/C unit.

the most common causees of "burning" feeling in the eyes are:

1) dryness (this would make sense with your a/c unit)
2) blepharitis (a mild inflammatory condition of the eyelids)

contrary to popular belief, "allergies" do not usually cause a "burning" sensation. the classic symptom of ocular allergy is "itch", not "burn".

try some OTC artificial tears 1st. i like a brand called "optive". put them in before you go to be and when you wake up. if that doesnt help, you may have more serious dryness or blepharitis, and a trip to the local optometrist could help a lot.

L-kuza H
Maybe the ac drying your sight or something. Like the mr knowledge said, bla bla bla.... (you should listen).
Try wearing something to cover ur eyes when u wanna sleep. Peace, bro!

it is probably allergies.

Usually your eyes are more dry in the mornings- esp if you do have a fan directly on you. Your eyes dont produce a lot of tears when your eyes are closed. The more you blink causes more tears to produce- thats why it improves throughout the day. Try using rewetting drops when you first wake up. Refresh tears, Systane, and Optive are my favorites otc drops. Hope this helps!

Dr Chris Steele, TheFamilyGP.com
Yes Air Conditioning may be drying out your eyes which have subsequently become inflammed.

Do you suffer from hay fever or asthma? You may have an allergy to house dust mites which live in the pillows, mattress and duvet or an allergy to pollen which could be entering through an open window.

You may also have conjunctivitis which could also cause the eyelids to stick together in the morning.

Night night!

Paul MB
Burning indicates toxins. Dryness feels dry. Exposure such as not closing your lids leads to erosions and foreign body sensations.

Toxins? What the @#$@#$?

There are a number of glands in the eyelids. The Meibomian glands secrete an oil that keeps tears from evaporating quickly. There are certain bacteria that live on the lid margins, or in the follicles (lashes) or in or around the glands within the follicles. Moraxella specifically loves to eat that Meibomian oil.

When ya eat, the waste stuff has to go somewhere too. Moraxella converts the Meibomian oil into a soap, and that burns. Stings a LOT.

So, before you go to bed, clean your lashes or lid margins with a gauze (cotton leaves fibers) that's a bit wet. Some recommend lid scrubs, but that costs a lot. Baby shampoo in a wet/moist gauze to clean the lid margins well usually gets rid of excessive 'stuff'.

If it's really bothering you, you can use bacitracin ointment found in the first aid parts of drug stores. That stuff is more for skin, but it works for eyes too, ...in a pinch when you don't have the 'ophthalmic' bacitracin or other antibiotic. Place it inside the lower lid before you go to sleep at night. The body temperature will melt it and it'll coat the lid margins. Should take care of your 'burn'.

If you go to an ophthalmologist, ask for Rx for blepharitis such as bacitracin or erythromycin that's for the eye. He'll give you a sheet with information on blepharitis and a prescription for his/her favorite antibiotic.

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