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It says:
O.D. -0.25 GLU (?)
O.S. -0.25 -0.25 X 65
PD 67/64
I can see fine with my glasses because I just needed a small correction, but I am seeing double when it comes to ...

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I have myopia and I found out that it was caused by dry eyes, I found out because when I cry my vision gets better temporally. I found out that I have all the symptoms for dry eyes. I want to know ...

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 Why, even after I clean my contact lenses, is the left eye still blurry?
There is nothing on it, and I can see clearly out of each eye when I wear my glasses.
Additional Details
nothing on it = no protein build-...

 Where can i get nonprescription colored contacts?
i'd really like to try colored contacts. but i have perfect vision. does anyone know where i can get them. i want them to be safe or whatever. but not expensive....

 What is astigmastism?
i dont get it? what is it? i just recently went to my eye doctor n said that i had astigmastism. he gave me a pair of contacts but i see blury in them. he said that he thought this wouldnt affect me ...

Why do my contacts get foggy throughout the day?
i wear the disposible kind, so i change them every month.

i put them in at about 6am and they start to get foggy around 2pm. i usually rinse my eyes with my contact solution, and it fixs it, but why does this even happen in the first place? what can i do to prevent it?

that happened to me when i first got colored contacts. I guess it was because i switched my solution. but usually when i face the computer screen my eyes get foggy then when i turn away i can see clear.

if yu wear makeup that can cause it, carry an extra pair with yu and put a fresh pair in Midday. it works for me

I just went to the eye doctor Wednesday..I have the same problem. You may have allergies...or dry eyes. Also do you sit in front of a computer all day? People who work at a computer constantly do not blink as frequently which causes the eyes to dry out. You might want to try a different brand of contacts. They make some now that are supposed to stay more moist that others. Also, alway have the solution with you to drop in your eyes. That will usually clear it up...

It could be dry eyes or allergy. Try changing the solution in which you keep the contacts and/or buy eye drops for when you have your contacts to put it in. Also drink lots of water and try to be out in the wind and stuff like that.

Kallyiah Rose
You may have GPC! I have the same problem!

There are a few reasons why this could be happening. It's most likely that you are predisposed to form protein deposits more quickly than the average person. It could also be allergies, GPC, fungal infection, reaction to contact solution, dry eyes, etc. As long as you aren't having any pain or gunky discharge, here's what I would do:
1) Switch contact solutions - I recommend Clear Care to all my patients who have sensitive eyes or problems like yours. I also recommend getting a bottle of plain saline (this so that you can rinse your lenses or store them for a short time since Clear Care needs at least 6 hours to soak).
2) Never sleep in your contacts - you obviously have more sensitive eyes and sleeping in them will make this problem much, much worse.

If these quick fixes don't help the problem, you may need to wear a different type of lens or change them every two weeks rather than every month. There are many different kinds of contacts made from different materials and you may not be wearing the best one for you. I would also go see your doctor at this point so that they can make sure you don't have GPC or other eye infections and they can put you in a better lens for you.

Take your contacts out and go see your doctor immediately if any of the following occurs: increased redness of the eye, increased sensitivity to light (photophobia), pus/discharge from eye, or pain. GOOD LUCK!!

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