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♥ just me..
Why do i keep getting headaches when i have my contacts in?
Ive had my contacts about 3 or 4 days now and 2 out of the 4 days ive had them ive gotten headaches. I did get a new stronger prescription as well& my glasses are the weaker prescription so could it be that im switching prescriptions back &forth or that i recently got a stronger prescription?? I had a really bad headache for like 1day&1/2 but i can feel another headache starting....whats causing them??? thanks :)

Lionel F
if you get the same headaches when you have your glasses on, you probably need to get your prescription readjusted.

if they're new, that would be why, but if you've had them, the strength is most likely too strong or too weak, and you should get your eyes checked again if it's been a while. switching between strengths can be very irritating, andyou should consider getting the same perscription for your glasses also.

that is normal until your eyes adjust to the contacts..Follow the procedure on how long each day..They will get use to it about 2 weeks.

alright i have contacts and i get occasional headaches as well. what you have to do is everytime you are going out somewhere, put in your contacts. try to avoid wearing them when there is really no occasion. your eyes just need to get used to them, but you cant put too much pressure on them. just try to use the contacts as little as possible, and you'll find your headaches slowly disappearing

♥ fuzzypeach ♥ Live.Love.Laugh
wrong sight!! Just like you get headaches when you wear someone else's glasses, contacts that don't have your sight will cause them too. Get another pair with your right vision

i have had the same perscription for 6 years now and i still get headaches. I get them if i wear my contacts too many days in a row i get them if i wear my glasses too many days in a row. I hope your eyes are just getting used to the new contacts, cause ever since i used freshlook for a few months i have had a headache every couple days. Never ever get freshlook always get acuvue! plus i've found only excedrin migraine will get rid of my headaches, not sure why, maybe because of all the caffine.

i once started getting headaches when i got new glasses, turns out that the prescription was way too strong for me, i almost ruined my eyes if i had not convinced my mom to take me to the eye doctor again

Punk. TopHat.
I had that. I had irritation from contacts that caused a small infection which started with bad headaches or your contact prescription is wrong.

Its because your eyes are adjusting to the stronger prescription. Its normal. Me i have been wearing glasses/contacts since 3rd grade.

it is probably that your perscription is to strong or that you are just not used to them yett. Call your eye doctor and see what they think, but you know if somethings wrong with your eyes better ithan anyone else.

You may have the wrong prescription. When I switch from my contact to glasses, I normally get a headache for the first couple of days while my eye adjust.

ur eyes are probably ajusting but i would talk to ur eye doctor

It could be the change in perscription but if you only wear them for a couple of hours a day until you adjust you should be fine. You may also try eye drops it could be that your eyes are drying out.

there too strong or your not use to them but i dont rememeber getting headaches at the beggininng

I don't think contacts have much
to do with a headache. . .
But maybe there irritating your eyes.

This will make you go "uh, are you just stupid?"

I put them in wrong- wrong eye. Left in the right, right in the left. I had never worn contacts before and they gave me the boxes to take home but did not write which eye was which prescription.
Big headache.
Seriously- I would call your dr. to make sure something isn't wrong with the contacts/prescription- definately don't want you to suffer.

it might be beacuse you're switching prescriptions or it could be that the new ones are too strong for you to handle yet. I've had my contacts for two years and the best way to train your eyes is to wear your glasses for a while longer. If not, ask your doctor for a less severe prescription, and tell him/her about the headaches. They can and will help you

I'm not an eye dr but I am a longggg time glasses and contact lens wearer. Any time you do anything new to your eyes they need some time to adjust. Even on days that I slum it and don't wear my glasses, when I finally put them on I sometimes get dizzy or a headache, just because my eyes suddenly aren't having to over-compensate and try to focus. Just give it some time. If you are still getting headaches after like 7-10 days though, I'd give your eye dr a call and see what he can suggest. its not fun to have a headache..even if you can see.

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