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 I really want glasses but don't need them. is there a way to worsen my vision so i can get them? thanks!

 Lazy eyes.... embarrassing?
I have a very slight lazy left eye (which is hardly noticeable) but when I've had a couple of drinks- even just a little tipsy- I totally lose control of both my eyes, even though I can still ...

 Eye headaches?
I get headaches often in the eye muscles. in the morning loads, and I used to wake up feeling refreshed and bubbly, but now i dont. :( Im 14, so that shouldnt be happening. should it? I tried this ...

 Should i get glasses?
i think i need glasses coz sometimes far away things are blurry like the board at school. this has been happening for about one yearish. Im too scared to wear them tho coz they would be embarrassing ...

 Question about eyeglasses?
My husband needs to go for his yearly eye exam next week. Thing is, my husband thinks he may need a pair of glasses for reading. Are there any reading glasses specially designed for the one eye he ...

 Eye colour question?
When I was born and up to the age of about 30 my eyes were a very dark brown,but over the following years they have gone from dark brown to a sort of greenish grey colour,with very small patches of ...

 What are people with a lazy eye looking at?

 Is the eye classed as an organ?

 "Floaters" in the eye?
Does anyone here have experience with dealing with eye floaters? I have like one or two that have been around for a couple years now, and they still bug me from time to time (especially when I'm ...

 If you are near sighted do contact lenses distort your near vision?
I am thinking about getting contact lenses. I have terrible far-sight but my near sight is good and when I wear glasses they distort my near vision so bad that I have to take my glasses off when I am ...

 Is it true that if you wear glasses it would make your real eyes better?
like it would fix your real eyes vision and you would see a bit clearer without glasses...someone told me ...

 Should these glasses be worn full time?
My sis just got glasses with the following prescription:
OI -1.75
OD -2.00

Her doctor said it was up to her how much she wore them, but she asked me (a full time contacts wearer ...

 Left eye jumps?
its been jumping for 2wks any time of the ...

 If I phone my Eye doctor, will he let me know what my eyeglasses prescription is?
My mom picked up my glasses for me, and I'm not sure that we got the prescription....

 Do you put in contacts first or makeup?
do you put your make up first then your contacts or contacts then makeup? i was thinking contacts first cuz that just seems way easier. What do you do? Thanks :D...

 Laser eye surgery?
is 19 too young?

i wear contacts -2.25 & -2.50...

 Contact Lenses?
I'm 13...I have tried contact lenses, but have had to stop because in the middle of the day they get blurry and I can't see through them at all. If I move them around back where they'...

 Im having trouble with my contacts?
I have worn contacts for years , but now im 44. They say ur eyes change ????? I am having trouble with getting the right contact lense...
1) very near sighted.....Glasses are thicker than ...

 Am i going to be blind by the time i'm 18 or 19??
i'm 15 right now, and my vision is -5.00 .
it stinks because i don't even watch that much tv or doing anything electronic-wise that might damage my eyes...

if i'm going ...

 What can I do to stop the progression of Presbyopia (old age eyes)?
I have been told that there is nothing, and I just have to accept this fact. My eyes get worse every year since my 40s. What about something in my diet or computer use restriction. I do eye ...

Travis G
Why do I see a blue and orange outline on high contrast black and white shapes?
If I look at a black circle on a white field, I see a blue outline around the NW half, and an orange outline around the southeast half. Does everyone see that?

jordan duude

your tube is going

are you rolling?

Brigit B
Idk. But if you put a black dot on a white sheet of paper and stare at it for a while it looks like it is growing!

Jessie James
You're a Fl Gator Fan, that is all.. Just be happy you're seeing Orange and Blue, than Garnet and Gold :)

may be you are having some eye problem , like something linked with lubrication of your eyes , or may be you need spectacles , visit a doctor , he will sort things for u...

Shane Zane
You should ask a eye doctor about this problem right away. I don't know what it is. It might be that you need glasses or it could be as bad as you possibly going blind so you need to check with an eye doctor as soon as possible so that if there is a major problem they can fix it before somthing bad happens. Hope this helps.

No, at least not to a level that it's noticed.

In spectacle wear, especially with high-index (thin) lenses, it's common and is caused by chromatic aberration. It becomes more apparent the further the line of sight is from the centre of the lens.

To see it in an uncorrected eye might indicate no more than a small undetected refractive error, or could just indicate a rarer condition such as a tilted or slightly displaced intraocular lens. (Though this is very rare and should not be assumed)
Is it of the same prominence in each eye, with the same orientation of colours?

The first step would be a routine eye examination to eliminate the simple, likely and obvious possibilities.

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