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 Seeing promblems?
i have trouble seeing the writing on the bord at school and also seeing the colour red on the bord do you think i need glasses ? and is their anything to make my eyes better?
thanks ...

 Eye Floaters?
Ok ever sisne i was young i remember seeing a dot and following in my eye intill i dissapread but they always went away wether they went away or i forgot about them i dunno.But im 15 And recently i ...

 Can eye color change as we age?

 If you only have one eye are you blinking or winking?

 How do I get rid of the yellow out of my eyes?
I know that they are fatty tissues that cause that....

 Peoplez who wear contact lenses??
Are contact lenses irritatting? do they hurt? is it hard to care of them??

cuz im thinking of getting them soon.


 Change eye color..?
would u want this in your eye.
http://www.newcoloriris. plz explain.....

 How Can I Tell Which Way To Put My Lenses In?
I dont no whether my conact lenses are inside out or not, how can i tell hich side should be against my eye?...

 Contact lens?
What is a good eye contacts brand? and the price for the cheapest? Can I get eye infection from contacts, dry eyes or so? what are some of the side effect of contacts?...

 Contancts: How do i know which side faces the outside?
I havnt work contacts in 3 years, and i forgot what the doctor told me how to tell which side touches the eye and which faces outside. Does it even matter?...

 Q. for every single one out there wearing Contacts.?
Solution is the probelm. Actully, is the cost.

1. Do you have to clean (rub&rinse) everytime when you take out/insert them?

2. Fill the lens case everynight with new ...

 Contact lenses?
why cant you wear eye liner with contact lenses? so not fair i love my eye liner........

 My left eye has been twitching for over a week. Wtf?
Okay so I read some similar question- answers.... but in none of them does it say that the eye twitching lasted longer than a week. Mine has been on and off (mostly on though) for over a week now. A...

 Does any one get tears every time you laugh or am i the only one? Is there a solution to this problem?
When I laugh, tears roll down my cheeks. It is very embaressing because people are not sure if I am crying. And I have to be ready with a tissue all the time as I don't know when I am going to ...

 What is your vision??
Mine is 20/30 in the right eye and 20/100 in the left. and yours?...

 Can eyes of a deceased person be put into a blind person to allow them to see?
please try to be specific! thanks! :-)...

 What causes eye sight problem?

 Is there a problem with my eyes?
i can see kind of like static things and i dont know whats wrong with my eyes, even when i wear my glasses i can see ...

 My eye is really red and irrated, why?
I can't even look at any bright lights. I have to wear sunglasses. My eye really hurts. Should I go to a doctor?
Additional Details
I can't even look at any bright lights. I ...

 Not a major problem, just irritating?
When i stand up after sitting or laying down, i get blurry vision with lots of spots. My eyes are open, but with the colored spots, i can't see anything. Sometimes it hurts if i look at light. I...

Tutlegoss' Brain
Why do I see (a) black squiggly line(s) when I look around with my right eye?
Every time I move my eye, I see this thing. I try to center it, but it moves with my eye. Is there something "stuck" in my eye that I can get out? Sometimes, I will see more than one, usually in a bright area, such as when it snows and I am outside. Does anyone know what this is? I have been seeing this since 9th grade. I am in 12th now.

This was on an epidose of house, except the kid had some illness along with it. take your self to the doctor, which ever, eye or regular, and tell them what you see, and they should help you, if there is a procedure to get rid of it like i saw in the episode, it should all get better....

Those are floaters, and everyone does have them at one time or another. Some people notice them more when they are fatigued.

In the case of a sudden shower of floaters, with/without flashing lights, you need to seek medical attention immediately, as it could be a sign of a detatched retina.

it's called floaters. you should prob see an eye doctor so they can check the pressure in your eye.

this condition is called floaters, obviously you have had these for a while so they may not be serious but you should have a complete dilated eye exam with an ophthalmologist so that they can take a look at the retina sometimes these floaters can happen before a retinal detachment so it is important that if these floaters increase or you see and flashes of light or see spiderwebs in your vision that you be seen asap.. good luck

You need to see an eye Dr first. He can detect if there is something in your eye, if there is a malfunction of the eye and some tumors. If all goes well there you need to get in with your regular Dr and fast! Could be high blood pressure too. When I had these tracers in one eye only I got a CT scan and they found a benign tumor that was removed and I no longer had the vision problems. Very urgent you get these appointments line up ASAP!!
I am not trying to suggest you have a brain tumor, just that this is very common with tumors and that was my experience.

they are called flutters or something like that. nothing u can do about em, i asked because i have them too. just do ur best to ignore it.

I need help
Floaters cause that:

It's a psychical world in the 4th dimension. You're the lucky one who are about to enter that world.

Aliens. you are definitely seeing aliens.

Quinton C
I dont know but i see them all the time it creeps me out i hope you find an answer...

You are noticing vitreous floaters. The vitreous is the gel that fills the posterior 2/3 or so of your eyeball. It varies from person to person but most people normally have some amount of cellular debri that is suspended within the vitreous. As light enters your eye it passes through the vitreous until it reaches the retina. If you happen to have debri suspended in just the right place, this debri will cast a shadow on the retina which you see as a "squiggly black line". When you move your eye in an attempt to center the shadow, the gel in the eye will lag for just a moment and then will rotate along with the rotation of the eye. This returns the debri more or less to it's original position. That is why the shadow seems to run away from you as you attempt to move your eye to look at it. Frustrating? Yes. But it is seldom an indication of any dangerous eye disease.

Rarely, though, this debri can be deposited in the vitreous due to a tear or detachment of the retina. Should this be the case, surgical intervention is needed. The fact that your floaters appear to be long standing and not really changing over time leads me to believe that you have regular old vitreous floaters that are more a frustration than any real problem. To know for sure, though, a dilated exam of the eye is necessary. So to set your mind at ease why don't you take the time to go in and let an optometric physician look at you. Hope this helped.

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