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 Where's a good place to buy prescription sunglasses?
All the sunglasses I own aren't prescription, so I basically can't see when I wear them. I want to get some prescription sunglasses that are in style. Most of the ones I've seen are ...

 Do i need glasses?
I cant see the writng on the board clearly in class
specially if its in red
my head has been hurting lately
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I failed my eye exam at school and im afraid im going to get glasses! i just got the reccomendation to see an eye doctor but
I'm afraid my parents will blame the computer and electronics ...

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 Eye twitch!?
I've has it for about a week now and it's in both of my eyes but mostly my left eye. My eyes just spaz out and start rapidly blinking and widening. I can controll it, and I try to stop, but ...

 Does anyone wear contact lenses
and how strong r they and did anyone have any problems wih the sight test and how hard is it really far

Additional Details
this question was based on the driving sight ...

 Is this true??
That when you get new glasses everything is a little blurry the first day, Only because your eyes are not used to seeing everything more clear than before?? Is this true?
Additional Details<...

 Contacts while swimming?
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 Helpp please?
i have problems see'ing
but i write really really small
so am i near sighted or far sighted
best answer=10 points thanks<3...

 What is that crud that forms in the corner of your eyes while you're sleeping?

 How far can the average person see, with his or her natural eyes.?

 White lump in eye...?
A few months ago my dad developed a white lump on his eye ball. I asked him where did he get it he said he doesn't know. He doesn't like to go to the doctors, I guess that's why he has ...

 My eye has been red for about 2 weeks now..?
i have previously had herpes simplex virus (about two years ago) in my eye and thought it could have came back due to stress, or whatever may have triggered it; however, my eye isn't watering at ...

 Answer if you are near sighted?
ok so what are your signs of being near sighted?
i am having trouble seeing, just want to know how bad my eyes are.

 Why are my eyes always red?
I've been wearing soft contacts for about 5 or 6 years now, and they have been great for me until now. It started about 2 months ago. Everytime I wear my contacts my eyes get red and irritated, ...

 My eye is all red and it's irritated and cloudy!?
My eye is really red; it's kinda irritated like scratches but not very much at all; but my vision is cloudy off and on...

I was swimming in a pool with chlorine yesterday; could this ...

 Is there a way to improve your eyesight?
I've been wearing eyeglasses since i was 7 years old. Is there a way to improve your eyesight? Now i am 34 years of age. thanks....

 How long is to long for a contact lens to stay in the eye?
I'm new at this,and I put mine in a week ago and still have them in.No problems and I'm putting drops in everyday and night.what I want to know is if I'm okay or not.they are ...

 Why do contacts make you see better than eyeglasses?
Thihs is true in everyone I know. I have glasses and i don't see that well with them. Should I get contacts. I have sensitive eyes....

 What is worse for eyes: reading paper or reading on monitor of computer?
What is potentially more damaging for eyes? Reading textpaper like books or looking at a computer.
Additional Details
yeah Lori I had painful eyes after many hours on ...

Why can't I drink water after midnight before surgery?
My husband is having eye surgery and they are not going put him under. So, I was wondering why he can't eat or drink anything after midnight before the 11:00 am surgery.

arnold ziffel
Because you might leak with all of the holes that are gonna be in you

Even though they aren't knocking him out they do give you a drug that relaxes your body so you can stay still for the surgery. They always air on the side of caution when it comes to any surgery with throwing up. They can't have him throwing up during the procedure. Eyes are a very risky thing you can be working on. So this is just a precaution. Besides it won't hurt him to not drink or eat after midnight anyways. He can pig out the next day if he feels like it.

It is kinda like going to the dentist if you have a morning appointment more than likely you don't eat beforehand because of nerves. Even though they don't knock you out your tummy can feel upset and if there isn't food in there less likely to throw up.

Increases your chances of vomiting and asphyxiating on it.
Anesthesia alone make some sick. Just reducing the chances.

because if they use anesthesia, it will make you nauseous and you might throw up.

because the gas they give you relaxes your muscles so yo may pee on yourself

Sandie B
To help reduce the bodily fluids; sort of starving the liquids.
Plus, should something happen that would result in having to make a change, his body is ready.

Because he might get nauseous and throw up all over the surgeon, not pretty

because the .. i forget what its called.. but anyways the stuff they knock you out with, if u have ANYTHING in your stomache, you will throw up. (anistetics or something like that)

Austin N
Becuase it will go through your system and will do 2 things.
1. Your body is gonna want to go to the bathroom.
2. When they put you to sleep with the gases, it will make your stomach wanna throw up.

Before surgery they don't want anything in your stomach because it will react badly with the anesthesia. You need to have a completely empty stomach so that when they put the tubes in there is no reflux. Even drinking water or chewing gum will get your juices going and you will have a bad reaction. So, even if you are having a little bit later surgery they always say no eating after midnight as they are never exactly sure when your surgery is going to take place. They are very strict about this when you check into the hospital. They don't want you throwing up into the tube while they try to put you under, they don't want to risk you strangling on your own vomit.

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