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 Im really worried, i have yellow spots on my eyes?
I think i got them after i had pink eye, it might be a scar from that or something. But something inside me is afraid its worse, like liver failure or something, can someone under 18 get that? on ...

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 I need Glasses but my optician said i didn't need them?
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 What is the youngest you can get contacts?

Additional Details
and Im not asking about the right age to take care of them-I am asking how young will a Dr give them to you. please no opinions on what you think is the right age. ...

 What is glaucoma, does it hurt and what are the symptoms, can anyone advise. Is it hereditary.?

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Do the eyes run all the time with the condition, are the eyes kind of dry, or is there no difference just raised pressure behind the eyes....

 All of the doctors out there if your almost blind in 1 eye can you still drive?

 Would it be alright for me to sleep with my contact lenses in?
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 Man why carnt no one give me answers??? HELPPP ITS ANNOYING ME?
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 How come my left eye is better than my right eye? also, I feel more comfortable looking to the left.?
When I look far to the right without turning my head, my vision goes slightly unfocused, but the same doesn't happen if I look far to the left.

There's no pain, it's just ...

 Would you reccomened eye laser treatment?
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 I want to get colored contacts.?
i want colored contacts, i dont need them for seeing i just dont like my color of my eye, i have 20/20 vision and i was at walmart and i went to the eye center to see how much they would coast, they ...

 What is "astigmatism"?
What exactly is this condition
I went to the eye doctor who said I went from completely fine to severe astigmatism in 12 months. It was just a bunch of jibberish he said, and now I'm just ...

 I had a change in my eyeglass prescription. Is it normal for your eyes to hurt for abit after changing scripts
My eyeglasses precription changed from -2.75 to -3.25 for both eyes. I just got my new glasses (first new ones in four years). I have pain in my eyes and a bad headache is this normal when your eyes ...

 How much does a LASER / LASIK surgery for eyes cost?

 Can any1 tell me how can i get rid of my glasses?
my specs. no. is cylindrical? can i get contact lenses??????????...

 I just got contact lenses and have a couple questions?
Ok it takes me about 30 minutues to put them in. Is this normal for a first time user? Also if you have very big eyelashes can that cause it to take longer to go in? The lenses the eye doctor game me ...

 If cocacola fells on your eye do you get blind ???

 Does anyone see many floaters in their eyes?
they are the little squiggly lines in your vision. and when you try to look at them they swim away. i seem to have quite a few. it that alright?
Additional Details
Thanks for the answers ...

Why are my pupils in my eyes so big?
i am 14 and my pupils are really big i dont take drugs or nothing like that but why are they so big all the time??

Pupils go large when the person is concentrating on something. So when you are looking at them in the mirror that could be it. Or if you are in the dark. Pupils go smaller in the sunlight. Of course as you rightly said drugs make them go large as well.

You could get them check anyway because it could be due to your actual eyesight or the muscles behind the eye.

when you look at your eyes are you in a dull area cause this will make you pupils large and if you are in a light area i am not sure why it might just be your eyes

Cσηvεяsε Cяαzч
Depends in the light. When it's dim, they're big, when it's very bright, like the sun, it's very small. I wouldn't worry, as long as they're both the same size pupils, then it's ok. Mine are always big, no matter what.

maybe ur parents are dope smokers

Are you in a light enviroment when you inspect them?

Being in a light area, the iris contracts (and there for changes the pupil size). This is so that the right amount of light is let in to the eye.

charlotte babes.
because ur probs looking at them when it's dark.

Jessica C
Yes, the lighting in the room you are observing this makes a difference--in darker areas the pupil expands, in bright light it constricts. Some over the counter meds such as certain antihistamines can cause pupil dilation as well as many presription drugs..However, some people do have naturally larger pupils than others, especially young children and teens. If your pupils are not of equal size or do not constrict when in bright light you may have a problem, you do not mention any light sensitivity so I am assuming they constrict in bright light--try this to see--if they do not see an ophthalmologist (MD) asap if for nothing else than reassurance.

mCfLyRcKmYeArDrUmS =]
It's too dark in your surroundings, either that or your breathing in LSD O_O

john e
You are young and you are a girl.

Go out in the bright sunshine and look at your eyes in the mirror again, Sweetie. :)

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