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im 13 and in 8th grade and i have glasses but i like nvr wear then cuz theyr really ugly and my eyes r like getting worse. so i decided tht i want contacts cuz my friends said tht theyr so worth it ...

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just by covering my left eye...cause my left eye probably does all the work

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here is a picture of me


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 My eye has been getting sleeped shut if you know what i mean for a month now and it wont stop?
i've tried eyed drops but they dont help and i just got glasses. My sister has the same problem but hers stopped after only a week. I think i got it from her cause i accidently used her eye ...

 Eye floaters?
i have had floaters on my eyes for about 5 years now. i have been to at least 10 eye doctors and they all tell me that my eyes are healthy and that there isn't a retinal detachment at all. ...

 Will working on computer 24/7 affect my eyes?
It's because i'm still on it now and i've got headache running from my eyes to the brain,or should i get spectacles?...

crazygirl here!....its gt!!
Why are my eyes so sensitive to light?
whenever i go outside and it's sunny, my eyes start to hurt...i wear sunglasses all the time (transitons thingies), but it's REALLY annoying that i can't tolerate the bright light. in the house or a cloudy day is fine, but direct sunlight is like wow....

why? and is there any way i can make it less bad? i'd LIKE to be able to go to the beach & pool this summer (oh yea, i'mma 13)
Additional Details
actually, i have green eyes that change between light and dark

dont worry my mom has the same thing and she has Brown eyes she wears sun glasses all the time so just wear some cute sunglasses

Will S
when i had lyme diease i was sensitive to light, and noise. i used to get migranes and you should have it checked out and start wearing sunglasses

Posh Thanks You for the Venom
You have green eyes????

I am going to murder you, out of jealousy!!!!!!!!

but, uh, yeah... I guess just keep wearing sunglasses

Okay, well I work in an optometrists office part-time (betcha didnt know that right lol) anyway, I know from experience that transitions dont get THAT dark or offer great UV protection. A polarized lens would be the best thing for you. Since you cannot wear sunglasses over glasses I suggest a sunglass clip
heres the link if you dont know what a sunglass clip is. They have sunglass clips for all different sizes of glasses at wal mart, walgreens, almost anywhere.
If you do buy a sunglass clip make sure that it is polarized, it will have a little sticker stating the UV protection and if it is polarized. Have you ever thought about wearing contact lenses?? Well that would also be good because then you could but some cute dark sunglasses. Just throwing out suggestions, either of the two should make the bright sun no match for you. Good Luck~

I bet you have blue eyes, and that explains it all, blue eyes are sensitve to light, that's just how it is...

I bet you have light colored eyes, probably blue or light green

This happenes to alot of people with light eyes.
It happenes because you iris reflects more light into your pupil, making you more sensitive to brightness

get some shades
thats your best bet

might be astigmatism.
i've got it and it makes my eyes sensitive to other cars headlights.not too much you can do about it but cope.

You should really go to the optometrist/gp/opthalmologist. Having a low tolerance to light (or photophobia) can be a sign of corneal damage, foreign bodies in the eye or even something more malign. Some drugs cause it, but if they were prescribed for you, you should have been told about side effects. Other than that, I don't know. Get it checked out by a professional. Good luck with getting it resolved. I have corneal damage and know what you mean. I get by with polarised lens glasses.

I have baby blues and I feel your pain..the worst days for me are the bright overcast! Sorry there is nothing else to do but what you are doing

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