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 How long do contacts last when..?
when they say the period it lasts is 2 weeks, does it mean 2 weeks since the time u opened it or what....

 Is there anything you can do to help a detached retina?
my grandpa has a detached retna that really bothers him, and i wantd to know if there is anything out there to help him.
any suggestions?...

 Is lazer eye surgery worth the $5,000??
I have contacts and they kill my eyes! I have horrible vision and was told to try looking into this surgery....

 Can you convert a contact lens prescription to any eyeglass prescription?
I know you cant do the reverse, however, my most recent eye exam was for contacts and they only wrote the contact prescription on the slip I have, so I was wondering if I can get my eyeglass ...

 I have a severe astigmatism. Should I take a "eye" supplement or something to keep it from getting any worse?
I am pretty nearsighted too! I ordered some pinhole glasses to try. I don't have enough cornea for Laser surgery and I don't want to be blind by the time I'm 40! Any ideas would be ...

 Anyone know about lasik?
my vision is pretty bad, i've been wearing contacts 4 along time 'bout 12 yrs now, im 26 yrs. old.....my vision is @ a -8.50....i guess u can say that im legally blind....can my physician ...

 Itchy eyes..?
OK so my eyes are really bothering me. I have allergies so it usually happens around this time of year, but it's never been this bad. They're all red and itchy and they burn a little. I put ...

 Lazer eye surgery, is it all its cracked up to be?
i think its called lazek eye surgery but I'm not sure i am planning to get it done as an eighteenth birthday present for myself.

everywhere it says its really easy and safe and it ...

 Low income dental/eyeglass question?
Are there any ways a low income Wisconsin resident can get free eyeglasses/dental services? I have no income or ...

 People who wear glasses...Am I ok??
So I am 21 and I went in for my first eye exam. I was told I am slightly near sighted and got glasses to use only when I needed them. I feel like I am paranoid now. I feel like I now notice more the ...

 Why are light colored eyes delicate to light?

 Did one of my eye veins explode?
ok so i dont know if it was because i cried to much or i threw up and now one of my eyes looks blood red in the eyeball and the other one has a little purple bruise on the eyelid in my skin... what ...

Do contacts feel weird? Im sick of wearing glasses. Can they get stuck anywhere in your eye? Please be specific with details....

 Eye ????????
is there a way u can change ur eyes permantly with out ...

 Eye crusties?
I get eye crusties on my eye lids and in the corner of my eyes every morning for as long as I can remember...My eye lids are very red EVERY day and my eye balls fell like they have sand in them......

 Hey guys so what the hec?I just got contacts earlier and i could get them in easy but now they wont go in?
ok so I opened my eye and put it in easily now a couple hours later when I try to put them in and yes its on the right side cuz i keep flipping sides so anyway its in the cup form like its supposed ...

 Roller coaster - contacts?
if you go on a really fast / upside down roller coaster wearing contacts, can they come out?...

 Strange problem with new eye glasses?
I got an eye exam at LensCrafters last week, and was told my vision changed for the worse, so I got a new pair of glasses there. Got the glasses today, and they feel a little bit weird.


 Contact lens solution?
I bought the new Complete Easy Rub solution but i'm not very sure how to use it properly. I usually use Optifree but it was beginning to dry my eyes and my optom recommended Complete which wasnt ...

 Vision Help 10 points?
I got hit in the eyes my vision is blurry is there any thing i can do without ...

Why are my eyes always dry and red after i take a shower?
My eyes are always red and dry after showering. why? how can i prevent this from happening? not showering is NOT an option. lol

also, my cheeks are always really red. if you noe why, please tell me also. thanks.

My honest guess is that the heat from the shower is increasing blood flow to your eyes/face. That is what causes the redness.

I have absolutely no idea why your eyes would be dry...

The steam maybe....

Just my guess.

Do you wear contacts? I have found that if I shower with mine on, I have a hard time getting them off. That's normal I think.
Perhaps your eyes are reacting to the steam or the water. Our eyes are covered with some oily/salty mixture, so if you get regular water in there it makes your eyes feel dry because the balance is off. That might be part of the problem.
You could also be using some sort of a soap or shampoo that irritates your eyes. Is that possible?

i have NO idea

Showering with water containing magnesium, calcium or other minerals (hard water) leads to dry, red eyes. A dry residue is left on your skin when such water reacts with soap or shampoo. This makes the eyes feel itchy and burning leaving individuals uncomfortable the whole day.


it could be that the water is too hot or your bathroom is too closed up...when hot water hits the body, the steam it creates contains some form of bleach in it that is unhealthy to breathe and harmful to the body, so your eyes and cheeks are probably reacting to it...try taking slightly cooler showers or if you want to keep them hot then just leave your bathroom door open or keep a window open for the steam to escape the room

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