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Princess Samantha
Where can I get my eye glasses adjusted for free?
My glasses have loosened up alot to the point where they are falling off my face when I bend over and even when I sneeze... Lol. Is there any where like Lenscrafters or another popular place where I could get them adjusted for free?

Usually, you can just go back to the place where you got your glasses originally from, and they'll adjust them for free.

Some Wal-mart stores have an optical dept. They would probably adjust yours for free.

Lenscrafters will for sure. Almost anywhere will do the adjustment for free. Just be aware that if you take them somewhere other then where you got them they won't replace them if anything goes wrong.

Paris' evil cousin
lenscrafters adjusts for free

I get mine adjusted at the mall at Lenscrafters. Check out your area mall. Most retailers in glasses will adjust yours. They feel you will be more likely to continue to do business with them.

Actually you said it perfectly.

LensCrafters will adjust your eyeglasses for free. They will adjust them, and also clean them for you.

Make sure that they check your nose pads, and that they are fitting snuggly flat on your nose, and that they are not sitting up. They should fit like a glove. Also make sure that they are tight behind your ears, but they should not be so tight behind your ears they are hugging them. This will cause your ears to hurt. If you feel behind your ears, they should follow the curve of the top of your ears. They should not be touching the back of your ears.

LensCrafters may be busy, so you may have to wait for a while, but they are really good at adjusting glasses. Any other optical shop located within a mall should also adjust your glasses for you for free.

Also a secret to assist with your glasses remaining adjusted a little longer, is to always hold your temples, or arms as some put it, with both hands when taking off your glasses. If you take your glasses off with one hand, then you pull them at an angle, and it causes one temple to bow out to the side, which causes glasses to become really loose, and often times to fall off when you sneeze : ).

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