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 PINK EYE! I don't have any money to get it checked out, but I KNOW thats what I have! (3 people I've been
around just had it). They all went to the dr and got drops. They used them all though. Does any one know any home remedies for Pink Eye? Last night it woke me up in the middle of the night making my ...

 Help! My eyes are sore!?
One my question;
I asked about sore eyes. I have used the computer when I ...

 Whats the youngest age to get LaserEyeSurgery?

 What is your vision like after you have your eyes dilated?
will my son have trouble seeing for a while afterwards? I have never had it done nor has he so I don't know what to expect. He is supposed to go back to school for speech that afternoon but ...

 Went to eye doc they say my vision -25, that is hardly nothing should i get my glasses or not is it worth it?

 How long does it take to fill a prescription for glasses?

 Eye color changing contact lenses?
i have brown eyes & i want hazel eyes so im thinking about getting those eye color changing contact lenses. can i get them even though im 14?...

 Glasses or contacts?
im confused, i hav a choice between glasses and contacts, so far i hav a pair of glasses, and i dont knw if i should by contacts, becus i heard there are a lot of eye problems with contacts, im 16 ...

 Is it possible to sleep with one eye open?

 My Eyes- I Hate Them!?
I Hate My Eyes. Because I Wear Glasses.

I know what your thinking, your thinking ohh she wants us to feel sorry for her because she wears glasses and gets bullied and gets called a geek ...

 Can I wear any brand of contact lens?
My friend has told me that I have to wear the brand that my Dr. prescribed because they measured my eyes and that would be the best fit. But I read somewhere that soft lens conform to the shape of ...

 My 3 year old's eyes change colors several time a day, why?
For her first 2yrs of life my daughter had beautiful dark blue eyes. In the last 5 or 6 months her eyes change from grey to blue to green and once a definate brown. Her eyes can change color a ...

 What do you think of laser eye surgery??
I was talking to my cousin yesterday about laser eye surgery - she got it done a month ago and highly recommends it - she said it wasnt painful AT ALL or uncomfortable as they numbed her eyes before ...

 Please Help My Eye?
Please help, whenever i look at shiny objects (the little led light on a tv when its on or PS2) there is a hug black dot on it. It isnt even that bright and its scaring me, my parents think im weird ...

 Transition glasses?
I need new glasses and I was wondering if anyone knows whether the transition glasses work as well as they claim. A friend of mine has a pair and they seem to work fine but I was wanting a second ...

 Is it ok to sleep in contacts once?
Is it bad to sleep in them just once or twice or will it damage your eyes the first time you sleep in them? I have frequency 55 lenses. I hate having to take them out at friends houses so if I just ...

 Why do things look kind of washed out with glasses on?
I'm farsighted and can't really see squat without glasses or contacts, but I feel like with them on, there's a certain crispness that's missing from my vision....kind of hard to ...

 Do you wear adequate eye protection while fishing?
A fish hook in the eye is one of the most common 'on-the-water' injuries. Just imagine how painful that could be.
Additional Details

I want to talk my parents into letting me get contacts, but they don't want to because they had contacts and they said it made their eyes worse. Are contacts better today then they were when my ...

 Should I get contacts or glasses or both?
I have a pretty bad astigmatism in my right eye and it is 20/40 my other eye is 20/20 barely. I have to get glasses. so should Iget glasses or contacts or both. wich will be better for my right eye?...

Where can I find fake contacts?
I want to change the color of my eyes for a film project at school. Does anyone know of a place that sells color changing lenses for eyes? Any advice would be great. And, while I'm at it, how do I resolve my question. After I find my answer, what do I do? Cheers!


Marc J
i live pretty close to mexico and they sell them there.

lisa g
Any asian beauty supply store

you can go to your eye doctor and request them. and you can get them in prescription, and regular if your eyesight is fine.

break a leg!

Go to any eye wear store and they either will have them, or will order them for you, they have some cool ones, not just eye colour's, you can get some really funky ones. I do not know how to put contacts in, so l guess you will have to ask at the eye wear store, l should imagine it will be very easy, its likely just a case of getting used to wearing them, l think they can be quite pricey though.

most local optometrist offices will have them. Anywhere you can get prescription contacts, you most likely can get non-prescripted ones.

Visit the optometrist / ophthalmologist -they will tell you all the things you need to know and how to get proper ones -since your eye needs to be measured to get the right curvature of the lens suitable for your eyes

any online contact store. But u should talk to your eye doctor b4 getting fake contacts

Sorry, don't know about the contacts, but resolving it, you pick the answer you like ad click the button that says choose as best answer. Then it'll ask you to put stars and comments then just click done and it's finished.

Hope I helped! =)

And good luck with the project

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