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Where can I buy contact lenses without a valid prescription?
I need to buy new contacts but I cannot afford an exam right now. Does anyone know of any sites online to order contacts here they do not verify a prescription? PLEASE do not preach to me about how I need to go to a Dr and that it's dangerous to order without a Rx. I've been wearing contacts for 17 years and I've had the same prescription for the past 5 years so it's not a big deal. I just don't have the money right now to get a new exam. So anyone who knows of a site I can purchase from, let me know. Thanks!
Additional Details
I already have my old prescription, I just cannot use it because it's been expired for a few months. There has to be some site that will sell without verifying?? Please only answer if you know of one.


oops i thought u were asking for colored contacts anyways i got disposable contacts at costco without a prescription

go to


life is good
You don't have to have a new exam to get your prescription refilled. As with any medication, if you can't make it to the doctor for whatever reason, they will USUALLY just renew your prescription for you over the phone and fax a new one to wherever you're getting it from. Simply call your doctor and explain the situation. You shouldn't try to get them from an unreliable source -- the websites that sell drugs online without a prescription are unreliable as well, and I don't think anyone in their right mind would order from them. It's risky enough when the drugs are actually from a real pharmacy (there's no way to ever know what is EXACTLY in them) -- why take an even greater risk? Especially with your eyes!!

I believe that the answer is no, I've done some research like this, as I am in a similar position to sweetchic, though my position is based on reasons moral rather than financial.

I'm a busy person and I have neither the time nor the desire to waste time on a needless exam. My eyes are fine.

Yes, there theoretically could be a problem. Then again, I could also have an asymptomatic stage 1 or 2 brain tumor - but I don't run out and get an MRI every time I have a physical, either.

The US government policy requiring me to have an exam strikes me of racketeering and needless government interference for the benefit of a particular little club of wannabe doctors. If the requirement were somehow linked to renewing your driver's license and the need to show you can still see and drive, then I could understand the justificatio n better. But it is not - the optometry community and the FDA do not care about that aspect - they care about their power, reach, and most importantly, self-preservation.

That was some good information from the person who worked for the "certified optometrist." She said the phone call from the lens retailer was automated. The next time you order lenses, put yourself down as the optometrist........"Vandelay Industries! Say Vandelay Industries!"....

Nope. You have to have a prescription---no one will fill your order without it.

Go to your eye doctor's office and ask for a copy of your last prescription. That will work.

Xavier C

I got a trial contact lens without any prescription from there


You can. Since your vision can change over time, you have to make sure you annually get your vision checked so they dont give you the wrong prescription.

Nowhere. You may be able to get a copy of your old prescription from your doctor or the last place you got lenses though. If you can't get it on paper from the optician, they can contact the place themselves to verify it.

Quit place holding bmac. It's not a race.

Contact lenses are considered a medical device and therefore are regulated by the FDA. If you look on your contact lens box you will see a warning to that effect. If any site sells you contacts without verifying the validity of the prescription they can loose their license. So basically if you don't have a valid prescription you can't get contacts. If you can't afford to get an exam every year, maybe you should think about getting glasses.

♥♥Mrs SSG B♥♥
Sorry, Sweetchic, but I have to agree with the browneyedgirl optician. They require you to have an exam every year not only because your prescription may have changed, but to make sure that your eyes are healthy enough to continue wearing contacts. So regardless of whether or not you think your prescription has changed, you may be unaware of any possibly eye health issues you may be having from wearing contacts.

The person above me who posted about any place selling you contacts without verifying that you have a valid prescription losing their license is absolutely 100% correct. Its like going to your pharmacy and trying to get an expired prescription filled for an anti-inflammatory or a pain medication, or even your birth control prescription. It may be the same prescription, but they won't allow you any refills until you've been to the doctor FIRST. Same thing with your contacts.

Part of the responsibility of being given a prescription for contacts is seeing your eye doctor annually so they can renew the Rx for you...and browneyedgirl is right...if you cannot afford to make annual appointments with your eye doctor, then perhaps glasses would be better for you. I agree that exams can be costly, but when you figure the cost and repercussions that come with being irresponsible and lax about the health of your eyes, its far more expensive to NOT see your eye doctor annually. Your doctor also reserves the right to refuse fitting you with contacts anymore if you do not follow the doctor's and the FDA's regulations...

Sorry to sound preachy...but them's da brakes, Sweet Chic!

And to LC above me....yeah, I'm sure there are sites that sell them - ILLEGALLY...in order to obtain them LEGALLY and to eliminate the risk of infection and complications, she needs to be seen ANNUALLY for an exam. You can take your ignorance AND you bad language and go pound sand cuz I gave you a thumbs down, too

***There are no websites where you can purchase ANY type of prescription medications WITHOUT a valid prescription. They MUST check and verify everything with your doctor BEFORE they confirm and ship an order. You CANNOT buy vicodin, or oxycontin, or birth control pills online LEGALLY without supplying site with your doctor's name, address, and phone and/or fax number. And I don't care HOW long you've been wearing contacts...LEGALLY YOU CANNOT PURCHASE THEM WITHOUT A VALID RX.

If you don't like the answers you're getting, then don't ask the question - because you KNOW the answer already. Google it and see what you come up with. Good luck with that, Sweetchic.

In the office I work in, we get phone calls all the time from 1800-CONTACTS and its an automated recording that supplies us with the patient's name, DOB, address, and also the prescription that was given to them by the patient. We pull the file and if the exam is expired, we will not verify it...plain and simple. Any good eye doctor will not simply renew a prescription because the patient is in the unique position of being "low on flow" for an exam. The doctor may let you purchase a box, or give you a few trial pairs to hold you over, under the condition that you will schedule an appointment. But they are under no obligation to cut you ANY slack because you're money is tight. The doctor's office has policies and they are willing to bend a little - to an extent. But I doubt it very much that your eye doctor will simply renew your Rx for another year because you cannot afford an exam. And I think any eye care professional on Y!A will agree...especially since if the person were to come down with some type of infection or complication and the doctor renewed the Rx without seeing the patient, the doctor's office can then be held liable...

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