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 Dry Eyes???????
I have been having pain in my eyes lately. I have seen optemetrist and pressure in my eyes is normal. He put this dye in my eyes and said I had slight dry eye but he also said it souldn't really ...

 Do peoples eyes turn purple???
can a persons eyes turn purple without ...

 I Want Brown Contacts?
I really want some brown eye contacts, and i never used contacts before, so i just wanna know these questions:
1: do they hurt when you put them in?
2: How do you take them out?
3: Are ...

 Did I burn my eye?
So I went out for a night on the town, and I was a little bit buzzed but remember everything. I remember one guy almost hitting me in the face with a cigarette, but I am pretty positive nothing went ...

 Eye color??
i am going to the eye dr. this saturday and i am thinking about getting colored contacs. i naturally i have brown hair and blue eyes... i colored my hair blonde so now i am a blonde hair blue eyed ...

 Do you put your contact lens on the palm of your hand when you rub it? Because...?
The palm of your hand is always oily, and I don't understand that even though we wash our hands before putting contact lenses on, there will always be moisture and oil on our hands!! SO, is it ...

 Follow-up eye exam, I already have my trial pair, but they are uncomfortable...?
Ok, I have my follow-up eye exam in about 7 hours... It's been 1 week since my initial exam. The doctor already gave me a trial pair, but they are kind of uncomfortable... I'd like to try ...

 Can I use "eye wash" if I think that my eye might be scratched?
My eye has been irritating me for a few days and I wanted to know if the eye wash could damage my eye at all. You know what I mean?...

 My contact lens fall into the basin hole.?
I manage to take it out from the dirty water. Can I still use it after washing it throughly?...

 Toric contact lens? ?
My mom got a box of Equtic or something contact solution( I was sick), but the bottle says use for soft lenses. Is it ok for use with my toric lenses? I just got my contacts yesterday and have no ...

 I heard about these contact lenses that you put in during the night and you take them out in the morn??????
what can you tell me about these and where can i get them? thanks
Additional Details
and supposedly you can see fine without glasses during the day......

 Can someone please tell me why I cant use eyeglass frames I bought at Costco, to fill with prescription lenses?
I've seen many many prescription eyeglasses make with frames that could easily have been bought at walmart or even the dollar store. When I try to get my prescription filled (progressive bifocal)...

 How many of you experienced slight irritation in your eyes when the cigarette smoke hits your eye accidentally?

 Do certain eye colors have *advantages* over others?
Well, i was wondering, does have a certain eye color indicate that you have a certain advantage, like for instance, are majority of people that have green eyes long sighted, and majority that have ...

 What do contacts feel like when you pu them in.?
If I make the cheer team the school says I have to wear contacts or sports goggles. contacts are the only option....

 Is O2 OPTIX [ frm ciba vision] monthly disposable contact lens or bi-weekly disposable?

Hi! I want to get contacts! Im scared to put it in my eye though! HELP!!!...

 Can anyone explain this eye prescription?
- 1.50 DS
- 1.00 - 0.25 X 065

which one is left and right? Its actually DS not OS in the prescription. I dont know what DS means, and the prescription is not really as clear. Thanks ...

 Should the horizon appear straight or semi circular?
I was stood on the beach today looking out at nothing but sea, noticing how the horizon was this lovely semi circular shape where ever I looked, then i wondered ... didn't the horizon appear as ...

 How long do you think I'l have to wait for my contacts?
I plan on going to the eye doctor soon to get contacts for school. School starts in about a week. I know it wont be ready by then but about how ong do you think it will take to for me to have em?...

What is the eye dr. looking for when he/she dilates my eyes?
i always decline to have my eyes dilated when i go for my check up with my eye dr. but she says its important to let her dilate my pupils. what is she looking for??

I don't think it's necessary but you may want to do it ever so often (not every time). I was told they can see the veins and any abnormalities that may indicate tumors. My doctor asked the first time I came in, but that was several years ago, I don't remember them asking every time.

They are looking to see if the insides of your eyes are healthy.

I always dilate my patients as it is standard of care. When I dilate I look for cataracts, nerve problems, retinal problems, or tumors. I found a tumor in a 9 year old one time so I always dilate kids or patients the 1st time I see them.

w/o a dilation pretty much all we can see of the inside of most people's eye is the "posterior pole". the central say 30%. thats fine to rule out macular degeneration and glaucoma and retinopathy USUALLY. but almost no retinal hole or tear or detachment occurs in that area of the eye. those are usually peripheral retinal problems.

so to answer the question...dilation is looking for PERIPHERAL retnal problems...like holes, tears, detachment, and yes, tumors. stuff that doesnt occur in the central 30%

Princeidoc is right (again). Dilation is important, especially for a new patient in an office. The thing about eyes, a lot of people aren't aware of, is that a few of the more serious conditions have absolutely ZERO symptoms. For example, high blood pressure, diabetes, clogged carotid arteries, small tissue tears/holes, tumors, etc. It's our responsibility as eye docs to fully examine you and catch these diseases if they're present. In order to do that, you need to be dilated.

I can't count the number of times a patient has come in and I've found bloody retinas or giant sausage-like blood vessels or retinal holes and the they think nothing is wrong. So, the take-home message here is.....get your eyes dilated at least every other year to check for these and other sneaky eye problems. It's $20 in prevention vs. thousands in surgery and possible loss of your sight.

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