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 I WAS about TO RIP my EYES out to DAY they HURT so BAD can some help me figure out what it IS?
in school and this isent the first time this has happened to me about 2or3 years ago it happened on a regular basis but this is the first time in a long time my mom said she was going to take me to ...

 I wear Clear Comfort contacts but suffer from dry eyes, is there another brand of contacts you recommend?
My base curve is 8.6 and Acuvue Oasys only come in 8.4 or 8.8....

 What weakens eyes?

 Getting glasses for people under 18?
im just wondering when i go and get my glasses, will my mom have to be in the room when i am getting my eye exam or will i be able to be in the room alone?
im just wondering because i dont know ...

 Tips on putting eye contacts in?
Hey I just got contacts and I'm having a hrd time putting them in. my doc told me i have a "very strong blink-reflex". anyone got any tips? (ex. should i put the contact directly over ...

 If you have an eye infection should you wear eyeliner?
I have an eye infection dat is almost healed. I'm not sure if I should wear eyeliner though. Would it get worse if I do?...

 I am new to wearing contact lenses? everytime i put in the lenses there's an excruciating pain in the eyes?
is it normal for first time users? the pain is however brief and i wear the lens the rest of the day without any ...

 Im supose to take my contacts out every day and i were them for weeks with out taking them out what damage?
am i doing to my eyes?...

 Help! My left eye seems now permanently half closed as if I'm squinting all the time. Any quick remedies?
In the last few days I have had extreme exposure to the sun and I know it is due to this. It seems as if just above my eye is swollen. Also, I need this to be fixied in about 24 hours!

 What causes your vision to worsen?
my vision in my left eye is sort of bad, I have to go up close to read fine print with my left eye, my right eye is just fine, also my left eye muscle is kind of weak, I once had an injury to the ...

 How does ones eyesight improve with no type of surgery?
i was prescribed eyeglasses when i was in 5th grade, and i stopped wearing them after the 6th grade.. this was in like 1996-1997.. and in 2005 i went to get a new prescription for glasses, and the ...

 What so you do when you lose your contact in your eye?
i just lost my contact up in my eye and i can't seem to get it out

any suggestions??...

 If i,use each pair of my acuvue advanced astigmatism contacts for 3 weeks each would it change my vision?

 How bad are my eyes?
my left eye vision is -3.30 and my right eye is -4.75. i wear glasses and there is no way i could go without them but how bad are my eyes? bad for a 16 year old?
Additional Details

 Yikes! I feel my eye sight going! Any suggestions to restore my sight?
I'm only twenty years old and have had 20-20 my whole life! Lately I'm having a really hard time focusing my sight on far away or two small print. I think it has a lot to do with my ...

 My Eyes are swollen and I think it's because of my contacts?
Hi-I've been wearing contacts for about 3 months now, and my doctor said only wear them for 2 weeks at a time, then replace them, but my boyfriend's been wearing them since he was 13 and he ...

 What does it mean when you see white spots before your eyes?
Sometimes I get these white spots, sort of like sparks, flowing from the sides toward the center of my field of vision. What does it mean? Is it significant? It usually goes away in a couple of ...

 How much of a pain are contacts?
Im 19 have been wearing glasses since i was 13, and im considering getting contacts, are they a hassle to put in and out? I was also considering colored contacts, they any good?...

 Do i have a bad eye sight?
i am 16 and my prescription is 3.25 and 4.00 is this bad.

p.s can these numbers go ...

 How does making "Chinese eyes" sharpen your vision slightly?
Forgive the phrase but it was the best way I could put it, and don't act like you don't know what I'm talking about. You know when you pull the skin back on the sides of your eyes your ...

What is the best place to get eyes checked and buy spectacles?


related ego
An opticians

I've always liked Pearle Vision or even D.O.C.

Tom Graphics
wal-mart, they include all the coatings and tend to still be cheaper...


Lori S.
If you have an opthalmologist ( eye doctor ) or optomitrist these people examine your eyes and if you need glasses or lens they let you know.

Only these people can determine what strength of lenses or glasses you need.

Even if its also reading glasses. If you get your glasses from the drugstore you might get the wrong strength.

If you really want an eye check which will detect any eye problems you should go to an optometrist.The people in optical stores are usually opticians and are not qualified to deal with major problems

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