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 Can eyes really change color on a daily basis?
Or at all? My friends always talk about how "they don't know what their eye color is because they change all the time." They always look the same to me. Who is right?...

 How to reduce the eye sight !?
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 They said teens cannot wear contacts is it true?
some said that it would l hurt their eyes
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and what kind of contacts are the least harmful ones to teens/ tks a ...

 Do i need glasses? help mee please...?
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 My contacts or my eye?
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 My left eye looks smaller?
I've noticed recentley that my let eye looks smaller than the right,There is no Itching,But it does feel weird,can anyone give me some advice as Im freaking out here.
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 Can you change your eye Color naturally with lemons and oranges?!?!?
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 I have eye floaters....for a while now they are not connected to blindness are they?

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I'm only 23 years old..I know you get them when ur middle aged but this early???...

 What causes eye twitches?
all day yeasterday and now today my one eye is constantly twitching. my eyelid really is doing it. what causes it, why hasnt it stopped?...

 Laser Eye Surgery?
I have been wearing glasses/contacts since i was 10, I am now 20 and am considering laser eye surgery. My perscription worsened but has been the same for about five years now.
What are the risks?...

 Is lasik eye surgery safe?
does it have side affects? what are they? how much does a good surgery cost? how much do you pay for it? do you see clearly? does your vision get worse after u get surgery?...

 Is their anway to get colored contacts that don't improve your vision?
to wear to temporary change your eye ...

 Can you swim in the lake if you have contacts in your eyes?
As long as your head doesn't go under water or not at all?...

 This is kinda stupid but is it possible to breathe in with both ur mouth and nose at the same time?
my music teacher told me that i had to practice breathing through both my mouth and nose at the same time so now im lyke ...

 My contacts are -7.00 in each eye. How bad is that?
I just received my contact lenses, and I wanted to know how bad -7.00 is for contacts....

 Help me! ASAP!!!?
Okay so I was in bed watching a movie, and accidentally sat on my glasses! They are frame-less on the bottom (aka held by a wire). That wire snapped. I figure I can tape that, so that's not a ...

 I'm thinking about getting contacts, anyone have a bad experience with these that's worth sharing?
Did you get contacts and decide you'd rather not use them?...

 Blurry vision?
I just got a new contact lens script & new contacts. I had the same brand before (accuvue with hydraclear). The only time I have trouble is when I am doing data entry at work. I am contantly ...

 Why Health Insurance don't cover Lasik? Why is it concider cosmetic?
I think that if they were to cover it, the insurance company in some way would be saving money. I've been told that the surgery helps you stay with good vision for years. In that way, for years ...

 Where can I acquire contact lenses without an RX?
I'm leaving the country soon and can't get an appt in time. My rx expired about 2 months ago....

What is that crud that forms in the corner of your eyes while you're sleeping?

sand man dust

Technically it's mucous from your tear glands.

But I like to call them googlies. :)

WhErE Do I BeGiN???
I just call it eye buggies... ha ha ha... ok bye :)

sleepy dust

Chewing Gum
sleepy seeds... lol

sleep dirt

§uper ®ose
Your eyes naturally produce tears to flush out anything that gets in the eye. That stuff is basically just dried tears & mucus that has trapped something....even if it may have just been a particle of dust.

I'm not sure what it is called, but I do know what is in it. It consists of water, mucus, and bacteria.

It's called Rheum and it's the watery discharge from your eyes while you're sleeping.

Your tears have a recipe of different materials produced by various small glands around the eye. Tears are not just water. When the watery part of the tears evaporates, what is left behind are the dried up salts, mucous and proteins. That's what your "crud" is. The normal eye with normal tears has a pretty good defense mechanism to combat the bacteria, so don't be concerned about infection.

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