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will it make the eyesight worse like if i take the contacts off?
thanks x]...

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im 14 and the prescription degree thingy of my right eye is around 690. YIKES! my left eye is around 400 tho...

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it seems that whenever i wear sunglasses, a few minutes later my eyes start to hurt

i have several different pairs and my eyes start to hurt.....

i have really dark ones ..........

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 How do i get grid of the yellowish color around my eye?
the area where its supposed to be white, has a light yellow tint. what can i do to get rid or prevent it without surgery?

thx for tha help!...

 Are there any eye drops that turn green eyes blue??
I have heard that several prescription eye drops have the tendency to turn your eyes another color : what eye drops can possibly turn green eyes blue?? - - Im just curious....

 My daughter has an eye sight of -10.?
My daughter who is 22 years old has an eye sight of -10.i am very much concern of her eyes . i cant see her wearing such big glasses.is ,this much of sight normal or its dangerous.please tell wat can ...

What is it called when a person has two differently colored eyes?
One is brown and one is hazel or something like that. Is there a name for this occurence?

Emilio R
if u were a dog is say u got a case of mutt

I don't care about the proper word but I'd just call it being very lucky.


Mrs Rev. Schnorr, Sr.
Gee I don't know. Hetero-optical maybe. Ha Ha. PS I was only guessing, but wasn't far off. Cookie point for me!

Lori L O^O
heterochromia iridium

I had a cat with 2 dif colored eyes and it was called an odd eye.

Heterochromia (also known as a heterochromia iridis or heterochromia iridium) is an ocular condition in which one iris is a different color from the other iris (complete heterochromia), or where the part of one iris is a different color from the remainder (partial heterochromia or sectoral heterochromia). It is a result of the relative excess or lack of pigment within an iris or part of an iris, which may be inherited or acquired by disease or injury.[48] This uncommon condition usually results due to uneven melanin content. A number of causes are responsible, including genetics such as chimerism and Waardenburg syndrome. Trauma and certain medications, such as latanoprost can also cause increased or decreased pigmentation in one eye. On occasion the condition of having two different colored eyes is caused by blood staining the iris after sustaining injury.

awesome but i don't know what a real term would be and i've never seen anyone like that but that would be kool.

Thanks for asking this! I have two different eyes, one is emerald green and the other is blue. It's very interesting...sorry I don't have an answer, I've been wondering why myself.

when a person ( a Human) has two differently colored eyes, it is called,

Hetrochromia Iridium.


I believe this is called "Heterochromia iridium."

According to the experts at Scientific American.com, it was once believed that eye color was controlled by a single gene and inherited in a straightforward fashion (remember Mendel from high-school biology?). These days it's not quite that simple. We now believe that eye color is a polygenic trait.
Eye color is determined by the amount of melanin, a dark brown pigment, present in your irises. Blue eyes are due to a lack of melanin, while brown eyes indicate melanin-rich irises. Thus, people with darker hair and skin have higher levels of melanin and tend to have brown eyes, while people with lighter hair and skin have lower levels of melanin and usually have lighter colored eyes. This is also why many babies are born with blue eyes. Their eyes change color later as they begin to produce more melanin.

When an individual has different amounts of melanin in each of their irises, their eyes are different colors. Heterochromia iridium (the scientific name for two different color eyes in the same individual) is relatively rare in humans but common in some animals, such as horses, cats, and certain species of dogs. A variation on the condition is heterochromia iridis, in which an individual has a variety of colors within one iris.

Heterochromia iridium is thought to result from an alteration to one of the genes that controls eye color. This can be an inherited trait, although trauma and certain medications may result in increased or decreased pigmentation in one of the irises. Certain medical syndromes, such as Waardenburg syndrome, may also cause someone to have two different colored eyes.

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