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Additional Details
The one's that are basically magnifying glasses, as opposed to prescription glasses....

What happens if you wear your contact lenses too long?
I have the overnight ones that last a couple weeks to a month. I clean them everyonce in a while but I gotta admit i've been wearing them for a LONG time. Over six months or so. Theyre breathable but i know thats still not good enough. What type of damage can I be facing?

you get a disease, your eyes fall out and you die.

Lauri S
Well, I don't think your eyes will FALL out... but, worst case scenario, you run the risk of losing your vision due to an eye infection. not quite so dire... an eye infection could keep you from wearing contacts at all.
Best thing is to wise up and care for your eyes and contacts properly.

Extended wear contact lenses are good cause theyre really comfortable and its practical, but if you dont clean it every now and then, bacteria develops which causes a lot of problems....like pinkeye

Those are intended to be worn for one month straight without taking them out. You can take them out every night if you wish. Some people only wear them during the day.
But DO NOT wear them for 6 months! You could get an ulcer in your eye. This is very serious.

mona m
contact lenses on long run cause corneal aberrations
and if u were wearing them now for long time and happy by this ,,, many years later ur eyes wont tolerate these contacts even for one hour....

ღ jeannie ღ
Besides the risk of infection, you can also cause severe damage to your cornea, which will in turn affect your vision. You really should try to change them more often. The damage is usually reparable, but the process is a hassle, not to mention costly.

I 've gotten an eye infection from leaving them in to long.

i love my garden
Infection in your eye for one.

Well firstly you should only be wearing your contact lenses as recommended by your doctor! I'm pretty sure your doctor would not approve at all of you wearing your lenses like this... this is why many doctors are hesitant to prescribe extended wear lenses. Many people think since they are extended wear them only have to take them once in a blue moon and they do not have to replace them because they seem fine!
The longer you wear lenses the more deposits build up on the contact lenses impeding oxygen transmission. Oxygen transmission is critical for your cornea's health!!!! Depriving your cornea of oxygen will cause hypoxia which can result in damage and problems like a corneal ulcer, corneal infiltrate, infection, corneal neovascularization, corneal edema and GPC...just to name a few! Most of these complications are very serious and can result in inability to wear contact lenses and even LOSS of vision.
When you go for your next eye exam your doctor will see evidence of how you are wearing your contacts because it is very likely damage has already occurred without you even realizing it. Please give your eyes a break and take out your contacts more frequently and replace them while you are at it! I would strongly advise you to talk to your eye doctor about proper wear of contact lenses and the consequences if not worn properly.

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