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 Can you get tired looking eyes from not wearing glasses when prescribed them?
If so would laser eye treatment help me from not having tired looking ...

 Lasik or Eyeglasses ?
I am thinking of doing Lasik to my eyes but I notice that all the Doctores who is doing this operation wearing eyeglasses.

So if it's good why the doctores still wearing there glasses ...

 Trouple reading eye prescription, incomplete?
I am looking to buy glasses online and my prescription does not have anything listed under the left CYL. and the left Axis. It just shows:

Eye SPH CYL Axis
R -250...

 Could i become blind?
i've been wearing glasses since i was in 2nd grade and my vision has gotten weaker everytime i get new glasses. But i heard that glasses make your eyes more dependent on them. Is there a ...

 Can someone describe their vision the first few days after LASIK surgery?
I'm having LASIK this Thursday to correct a high astigmatism. The surgeon is highly recommended, educated, and I trust him completely. I know most people see dramatic results right away, but ...

 Why are my contact lenses irritating my eyes?
i've been wearing my contact lenses almost daily for about 3 months now. i recently got a new perscription, but i'm using the same brand of contact lenses, and this new perscription just ...

 Contacts are they worth it?
i want to start wearing contacts but a lot of people say they bother thier eyes and they are so much work but i hate wearing these gay glasses they boher me when i take a picture and i have to take ...

 Is there any way of making my...?
glasses smaller?
Additional Details
They look wide on me....

 Is bone a made from some kind of muscle?

 I have oval eyes what does that mean?
I want to wear contacts but the pticions say i have oval eyes which mean i need special contacts, that makes me feel abit low :(

I want to wear tinted ones to show off differnt colours..is ...

 What is the differnece between polarised and non polarised sun glass?

 Has anybody out there got any stories to tell me,Good or Bad about lazer eye surgery?

 Can a 10 year old wear contacts?
i wuz just ondering
Additional Details
btw i dont need ...

 Is it okay to wear my contacts in the pool or at a beach without goggles?
We are going to Indiana Beach in a few weeks and I don't want to have to wear goggles. We take a lot of pics, so I don't want too have to keep removing them for every picture. But I have ...

 I can't look at people eye to eye ...help!?
It may seem so supper easy for you to look at people eye to eye but it is supper difficult for me to do so. It's as if there's thius eye power which my eye can't take it whenever i ...

 Is reading while in a car bad for you?
As a passenger, of course.

I've heard that it "tires out" your eyes, and is potentially dangerous. Is that true?
Additional Details
I know about motion sickness,...

 Contact lenses while swimming?
Just curious--how many of you contact lens users wear your lenses while swimming? Do you ever get eye infections from it?
I've always been told that you should not wear lenses while ...

 Do I need glasses?
OK, I've been 20/20 for all my life. I'm 17. Lately i've been studying a lot for SATs and all my ap courses. usually the computer doesnt bother me but lately, things have been looking ...

 I have horrible eye sight. is contact lenses make it better or worse?
i start wearing glasses when i was like 8. Each year my eye increases like 100 degrees and now it is like 7.0 (700 degrees far-sighted). I hate to wear them in summer. Is contact lenses making my eye ...

 Can u use contact lens lubricating drops even if u dont have ur contact lens on?
like using it as an ordinary eye drops?...

What happens if i wear glasses and i don't need them?

Wearing glasses when you don't need them, for an extended period of time is very dangerous. After a while it causes the eyes to start to internally bleed. The blood drains down through your nose, ears, and mouth. The majority of the the blood, however, drains into your lungs. Your brain feels liquid in your lungs and automatically self destructs. Therefore causing everything, and everyone around you to be blown up to.

Why would you wear glasses if you don't NEED them? If you are only trying to look better with glasses, just get them made with NO prescription. That's what I would do if I didn't already have to wear them.

ramsey c
I'm not an optometrist but I have always been told that you strain your eyes when you wear glasses and you don't need them.

Wearing prescription glasses that are not yours is harmful. Wearing your own glasses all the time, even if you need them only some of the time, is fine.

b r e a n a
I think it messes with different parts of the eye if you wear them to long. Which can lead to you really needing them.
Whcih isn't fun =/

You could jack up your eyes. Although you can get eyeglasses just for fashion.

Michael Skarn
If it even makes your eyes a little better, than your eyes will become dependent on them, and your eyesight will actually get worse.

your eyes will get damaged

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