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 What could happen to my eyes if I don’t take my contact lens out every day?
I don’t have contact lenses that you can leave in, but I still leave them in without taking them out for up to 3 weeks. It doesn’t bug my eyes at all to leave them in, and I have never had any ...

 Watery eyes what causes this. Like when you walk out the door and you eyes start watering?

Additional Details
Yeh tears start running down your face....

 Eye question people =]]?
Well i've been short sighted for about a year now and glasses are totally doing my head in as i have to wear them whenever i'm too far away =P
Does anyone know how i can get my vision ...

 Sleeping in Contact Lenses?
I'm sleeping over at my mates house and I forgot my contact case!! I've no glasses with me either...

I've only had them in since 7pm so could I sleep in them ...

 I want contacts, but I'm afraid they'll hurt. Do they?
I might have astigmatism, but I'm not sure. I'm thinking of acuvue advance. I haven't talked to my eye doctor yet. any advice? I'm open to that too. in case I do get them....

 Is it ok to wear "disposable" contacts more than once?
I purchase rather expensive daily disposable contacts, and just found out from a friend who worked for an optometrist that these contacts can be worn for more than one day...is this true?...

 How to improve ones eye vision power without wearing lens?
how to improve ones eye vision power without wearing ...

 Did I accidentally damage my eye when I removed a contact?
Okay, so. I only got contacts this afternoon (August 8). As my doctor advised, I removed them after 4-6 hours around 9 PM.

It was my first time removing my left contact, as the doctor only ...

 Can i sleep in this contacts?
i jus got em yesterday so their trial contacts i will get my real ones next wensday. so can i sleep in them?
Additional Details
oops i mean "these contacts"...

 Can I NOT get contacts becasue my prescription is too strong?

 My eyes always look glazed although i rarely drink and dont do drugsAlso my eyes always seem dark and bloodsho
I eat helathy,i work out,i drink plenty of water and sleep well so any ideas on what the problem could be?

Also my eyes always seem dark and bloodshot.

Any ideas how to get them ...

 Tanning and Opened eyes?!?!?!?!?
Ok so I for got to wear my protective eye wear and I had my eyes open for like 2 min and then I was like oh sh*t and quickly grabbed them and put them on what should I do that was like 5 hours ago???...

 Dark eye Fixes?
My eyes are very dark due to rubbing from allergies, is there anything I can use to make the darkness dissapear, it's very embarassing, please help....

 Must I wear glasses?
The opthamologist told me that my right eye turns a little bit and that i probly should wear glasses. Can i just wear contacts or do visual therapy instead. he didnt notice that i had a turn until i ...

 Am I able to wear contacts ever again?
I had been wearing contacts for almost a year, but I didn't take them out for about a month or two. I slept in them. Obviously I got an infection. I noticed when I moved my eye my contact stuck ...

 I wear glasses to see far?
how old do u have to bee to get ur eyes fixed
(like laser surgery)...

 Why is my left eye sore and red?
had to remove left contact lens today and my eye is continually sore, dry and red. Looks yucky? Any suggestions!...

 Contact Lenses?
How often should you change your contact lense solution in your contact case. Everyday? Once a week? Once a month? When it looks really disgusting? It doesn't better? Never? etc.?...

 Are contacts worth it. Should I get them.?
I am 13 years old, and me and my parents are deciding wheher or not for me to get contacts.

I hate the look of my glasses, but are contacts even that great of a choice? What are the odds I ...

 Opticians: Where is the best place to have your eyes tested?

What happens if I put my contact lens in backwards/inside out?

♫♪♥♫♪♥♫♪♥ Emililily
its not that uncomfortable if you dont think about it
and it doenst affect your vision
ive asked my eye doctorbecause i have done this before
just dont think about it
if it becomes too uncomfortable then take it out and put it in the right way!

Ceryl W
It wll hurt!

Nothing it just feel a little uncomfortable, nothing major you will know when u do

•*´`*♥ριηк ℓємσηα∂є♥*´`*•
it feels strange, and you'll be able to tell pretty quickly. it wont damage your eye at all though.

mixed-up inside
they dont feel comfortable and they slide when you blink

It's a bit blurry and uncomfortable, if you do you will know

You’ll know if you do, painful, Can't see right

Florida SunLover
They'll probably be less comfortable, and you may not see as well

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