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OS: Sphere: -0.75 Cylinder: -0.50 Axis: 068
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What does this mean.........reading my prescription for glasses?
Sphere Cylinder Axis
OD + 0.25 -1.25 180
OS pl -0.75 174

Andjoua J
girl i dont real now.

go to an optomitrist.

Raghavendra R
Very very minimum power defects you have in your eyes, nothing to worry. You have the combination of both short sight and long sight problem , of course you can minimize the power if you wear the spex continuously, all the bets Yours,

means that you are not seeing the same as you see on the other side. One side is near perfect and the other not.

Your eye prescription is actually a table:
OD ( Oculus Dexter in latin) is right eye and OS (Oculus Sinister in latin)is left eye.

Sphere +0.25 - that is the amount of short sightedness. The value of + means you have problems with your close vision while - means long distance vision problems. Your right eye is rather OK. Veeery slight problems with short distance vision (like in reading). Actually, problems are felt from 0.5 up. You probably have no issue with close vision. It is measured in dioptries.
For your left eye you have "pl" meaning PLANO, that is 0 dioptries. So your distance vision is normal on your left eye.
Cylinder - is the value for astigmatism. Astigmatism is a measure for the irregularity of the cornea. A person with cornea irregularities will have a blurred vision. The amount of blur is given by the amount of irregularity of the cornea. You have -1.25 for the RIGHT EYE and -0.75 for the LEFT EYE. That means that you have problems with the sharpness of your vision. You will probably feel it extremely improved with glasses. You will see things clearer, sharper. Your problems are more serious in the Right eye and less serious in your Left eye .
Axis - This will only appear if there is a value for cylinder, as it relates to the cylindrical lens and denotes a reference point that indicates the direction of the power of the cylindrical lens. It will be a number between 1 and 180. It may or may not be written with a degree 'o' symbol after the number. In some prescriptions, the axis value is indicated on a semi- circular scale. This should be read to the nearest 5 degrees.
You also have probably an interpupilar distance. It's noted PD or if you have a pre-printed recipe there is probably a schematics of the glasses. This is marked between the centers of your pupils and will enable the optician to correctly position the lenses in the frame so that they fit the exact distance between your eyes. Sometimes the optometrist or optician measures this distance.

It means you wouldn't even need glasses if it weren't for your mild astigmatism.
OD= right eye
OS= left eye

SPHERE: (the 1st numbers): very mild right eye, nothing left eye . . .the pl stands for 'PLANO' which means no power.

CYLINDER: the second numbers. Anyone with astigmatism correction (over 60% of glasses wearers) will have these numbers.

AXIS: the third numbers. Anyone with a cylinder correction needs to have the lens ground at just the right axis(angle) to correct their astigmatism.

The prescription is based on quarters . . .so like, .25, then .50, then .75 . . . and so on. Most eye doctors consider below 3.00 to be moderate correction.

Astigmatism is nothing more than a-not-completely-round cornea. It is very common, although plenty of patients still come in and tell us as if they have been diagnosed with a very special disease, as in "I've even been told I have a stigmatism!"

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