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 Eye test for glaucoma?
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 Can I get laser eye surgery in one eye?
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 Glaucoma eye test?
I recently had a glaucoma test at the hospital and i am certian she told me the pressure behind my right eye was 5 and behind my left eye was 6. does anyone know what this means ? also i have been ...

What does it mean when you see white spots before your eyes?
Sometimes I get these white spots, sort of like sparks, flowing from the sides toward the center of my field of vision. What does it mean? Is it significant? It usually goes away in a couple of minutes.

I just learned in school you have night vision. When your eyes look at a light then look away you will have little sparks in your way. it is just the change of lights. I have it all the time. Don't worry. I have it right now!

I don't know if this is permitted or not, but I've received an E-mail from you and tried to send a response, but don't think it got thru.

As I noted in my profile, am new at yahoo q & a, and my computer expertise is of a very low level, so please bear with me; will send you another E-mail.

As to your question, you've already received some most edifying answers, and I doubt seriously whether I can contribute any info. that might be helpful. But will make the effort.

I would speculate that it may have something to do with your vascular system. Perhaps an inadequate supply of oxygen. Do you smoke?

Had you assumed a posture prior to their appearance, which resulted in an abnormal amount of pressure to your upper body parts? This could very well be the cause for the white spots, sparks, manifesttation.

If this anomaly occurs with alaraming frequency, you might consider consulting a professional; it could signal the onset of a developing serious condition; if not, don't worry about it.

Another question or two. Do these occurrances impair your vision? Do you wear glasses, or only reading glasses?

I don't know. You seem like an exceptionally inteligent individual. You'll probably figure it out.

And sorry,

but probably,

an unhelpful,



P.S. - I don't know about you, but I'm probably the world's worst speller. And the "Check Spelling'' adjunct to this program is from hunger. It has been my experience that it simply doesn't work half the time, and it drives me up the wall. Christ!

I would call an eye doctor just to be on the safe side.

Oh gosh, I just heard of this Thursday and forget what it's called, if your middle age , something (fluid or something) lesses and as it goes away, we get these flashes of light in our peripherial (sp?) vision.

I think it's different from floaters, but hopefully someone who knows what I'm talking about can give you the correct term.

Fred V
You might be seeing what ophtamologists call "floaters" which are tiny fragments of proteins and cellular tissue that can float around the field of vision and are often quite striking. (I see them too), but then it might be something else. If it is "floaters" that you are seeing then it is a common phenomenon and does not indicate any eye disease.

Raji the Green Witch
Sudden change in blood pressure in the blood vessles around the the optice nerve will sometimes produced tiny currents that the optic nerve percieves as tiny spots. Think, were you changing position just before you noticed the tiny spots? Laying down then sitting or standing up? Sitting and then standing? Bending over then straightening up? Or do you have a cold and your nose is stuffed up? That too, can make the little changes in Blood pressure, localized around the optic nerve.

It's really nothing to worry about. Just about everyone has these but, most don't even notice it or aren't aware of it.

Raji the Green Witch

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