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Lifeless Energy
What do these numbers mean? (Eyesight)
R -3.25 -0.75 110.0
L -3.00 -0.50 65.0

I no im short sighted, but can anyone tell me what each value refers to?

Additional Details
But what is each on actually measuring?!

the quality

It's the measurement of your eye balls and used for getting glasses to correct your really bad myopia

first number refers to diabtor of lenz to correct your vision second is for correction of stgmatism third is angle of the second

You def. need glasses. Mine is around 2.0 each that is what I think is called 20 20 vision!! Your right is weaker than the left eye too

Each number is measuring the amount of power needed to help light focus on the back of your retina. The power needed is influenced by two factors, the shape (curvature) of your cornea (the front surface of your eye) and the length of your eyeball. Nearsightedness (short sighted) can be caused by the eyeball being slightly longer than normal, causing the light to focus in front of the retina, or from the curvature of the cornea, which also causes the light to focus in front. The power of the lenses moves the focal point back to focus the light directly on your retina for a clear image.

The R is the right eye of course , and the whole line is for that eye.

- 3.25 Sphere is the correction for your myopia ( nearsightedness)
-0.75 CYLinder is a mild correction for astigmatism
110 is the axis...which is just the direction that the -0.75 is applied in your lenses. The axis could be anywhere between 1 and 180 degrees. A higher or lower number on the axis means nothing in terms of better or worse, it is just a direction

Then the same applies for your left eye.

The other numbers are in units of measurement called diopters...1 diopter, 2 diopters...etc

Does that explain it ?

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