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What do the eye doctor do to find out if you have Glaucoma during an eye exam?
What do they do in Lenscrafter...im really nervous..does it hurt? thanks
Additional Details
what happens when the eye doctor makes your pupil wider? can u see? does it hurt?

there is no doctor at Lenscrafters. see your opthalmologist and get all of your questions answered before you leave the office.

pbr p
Lenscrafters has optometrists.

Diagnosing glaucoma in the early stages can be difficult. Treatment can also be complex.

See an ophthalmologist, an MD.

Paul MB
When you go to the eye doc, you want him/her to tell you if your eyes are OK. You don't really want him to say they're bad, but we go anyway and ask.

The first thing they do is see how well you see. Then, they try and make you see better by seeing if glasses would help. If you see well with or without glasses, there's not that much that could be wrong. But we look anyway.

Looking at the front of the eye, we see if there's anything not 'right'. Is there some hereditary problem, signs of trauma or old inflammation or new inflammation. Is the colored part ok? Is the lens ok? Is is a fixable thing?

When looking at the back of the eye, dilating the pupils makes it easier. But again, if you saw well at the beginning, they're just looking around for stuff.

when looking at the nerve, it's supposed to have a certain form. the center part is cup like with a thick wall. Sort of like the coffee cup the 3 year old makes at school for mom. It has a very thick wall and a thin center. If the center part of more than about 30% of the overall distance, that may mean the nerve is being damaged somehow by pressure. that's the definition of glaucoma.

so they measure how hard the eye is. that can be done a lot of different ways. One way is to just have the person look down, one palpates the eye with two fingers to get a feel of how hard that is. After a few years of doing that one can get pretty good at finding the right number.

Other ways are to indent the eye with something that has a standard way of intending the eye. The old way was with a mechanical plunger. the person looked up, one make the eye numb, place the footplate with the little center plunger on the cornea. The plunger wieghs a certain amount and would indent the eye a little. A little line moved on a scale one one read a number and checked it on a piece of paper. The pressure was written down.

Now they have DON"T Touch things so as not to spread diseases. The puff also indents the cornea a certain amount, then reads how much the light reflects during that puff which corresponds to the pressure in the eye.

The applanation tonometers work by flattening a certain round area of cornea. When that exact round thing is perfectly flat, it corresponds to the pressure in the eye. this is the one where they use the blue light and yellow dye stuff.

If the nerve is damaged like seen in glaucoma, the person has glaucoma! It doesn't matter WHAT the pressure IS, as the nerve is becoming damged from THAT pressure. So a normal pressure and a damaged nerve = glaucoma, but possibly of a 'normal tension' type or a burnted out type.

Since 95% of people with pressures of 10-22 never get glaucoma, if you fall in that range you're pretty safe.

with pressures over 30, 95% DO get glaucoma, 5% don't.

and all the in between numbers vary depending on the study.

If it hurt, people wouldn't do it. so they make the eye numb with a drop first. It's a bit scarey the first time, but after that...ok it's scarey every time, but it doesn't hurt.

And there are some amazingly good new treatments for glaucoma...which statistically you'll never need.

No pain. Slight discomfort, but no pain. They need to see your optic nerve, so they ask you to hold your eyes open as wide as possible, then shoot a quick burst of air onto your eyeball. That's the point where the picture is taken, lol, so don't blink...they'll keep trying until they get a good pic. I believe they dilate your pupils for that exam, also. If so, a liquid is dropped into the eye, the pupils get bigger, and stay that way for about 2 hours....very sensitive to sunlight for those 2 hours, bring sunglasses.

I don't know what Lenscrafter does, imagine it's the same. And I don't know what the technical terms or equipment names are...I went in to get tested because was having chronic headaches. Anyway, They put this thing, kind of like a pen directly on your eye ball and it somehow measures the pressure in your eye. Didn't hurt a bit, but I had a hard time and had to literally hold my eye open for them to do it, because I don't like things close to my eyes/face. No pain.

There is some other test, they didn't do it for me-not even sure if it was for glaucoma, but something to do with a puff of air into your eye-doesn't hurt just kind of a "shock" getting air in your eye. Don't worry, nothing should hurt :)

hope i can help
They'll test your intraocular pressure -- two ways to do it is with a puff of air and with a Tonopen. It doesn't hurt. they might also do a visual field exam, which doesn't make contact with your eye or hurt at all. Good luck!

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