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how old do u have to bee to get ur eyes fixed
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im 13 and i have no idea what to expect..
What will it be like? will it hurt?
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Just wondering what its like~

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 Am I legally blind?
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 Glasses or contacts or none?

What could happen to my eyes if I don’t take my contact lens out every day?
I don’t have contact lenses that you can leave in, but I still leave them in without taking them out for up to 3 weeks. It doesn’t bug my eyes at all to leave them in, and I have never had any type of infection from it. Is there any behind the scene damage that I could be doing to my eyes? Why do they say to always take them out every night? I have tried using contacts that you dont have to take out, but they bug my eyes.

→ ♥
tERRiblE thiNG tO dO.
hOPEfUlly NOt thE bACk.
bUt StOP dOiNG thiS.

i used to take them out every nite earlier but now i just take them out 1 or twice a week and still fine.
If you take contacts out every nite, it will wear out your contact more and you have to change them more often (one every 2 or 3 weeks). If you take them out 1 or twice a week, you can change your contact every 4 weeks or more so.

The XYZ Affair
Infection or it could get loose and go elsewhere in the eye.

The eyes will be dry and the eye health will be reduced. redness shows that oxygen is not enough.

Corneal Ulcer...I had one and I never leave mine in. It comes on really fast (hours) and you might need surgery or go blind. Your eyesight is not something you should abuse, there is a reason they tell you to take them out. Doctors even warn against the ones that are "approved" for overnight wear. Just take them out, it takes a minute at the most. Small price to pay for your vision.

nadia ♥ ...xx
lets hope this makes you think twice!!

my cousin had them on and fell asleep when he woke up it was stuck at the corners of his eye!! he had to go A&E asap to take it out!

even if it was allowed to keep it in i would never risk having it in my eyes overnight! i would rather take em out than go blind

%Removing contact lenses provides an open airway to the eyeball, which is what the eye needs.
The cornea, lens and retina need fresh air to stay "fresh."

You are starving the eye by leaving your lenses in for more than 10 hours daily.

♥♥ ~* Just Janz *~♥♥ ║│▌│║▌║™
If you sleep in your contact lenses, you will never wake up blind the next day. However, if you sleep in your contacts over & over repeated overwear of your contact lenses has the potential to lead to blindness.
By overwearing contacts, a lot of bacteria can get trapped in your eye. This can lead to a bacterial corneal ulcer. An ulcer is a little pit caused by rotting tissue. If this occurs on your cornea (the clear part of your eye), it can turn into a hole that goes all the way through your cornea. This is an ocular emergency! Not only will it result in corneal scarring, in some cases it can lead to the loss of the entire eye. If you do get a scar on your cornea, that can cause blindness. Think about a corneal scar as looking through fogged glass. You will still have light perception, but you will not be able to read, recognize faces etc etc.
I would advise you to follow your optometrist's directions for cleaning your contacts and wear time.

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