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evry now and agen......i see a weird blur of colour blocking part of my vision....im not sure that its 2 do wit my eye though, cus its still there wen i close my eyes...what cud it be???

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 What type of frames are they called?
whats the name of the type of glasses frames that someone cant see the person wearing it from a long distance?

i'm guessing its called rimless frames...is it true?...

 Change script or get re-checked?
Its been 3-4 months since i last got my eyesight checked, and at the time i was given a new prescription but i didnt get my glasses changed immediately.

I've now decided i will ...

 How do you know if your glasses are too strong for your eyes?

What causes people to lose their eye sight?
children or teenagers that wear glasses mainly and how can they help prevent their sight getting worse

Getting poked in them is a sure way to encourage it..

love helper
wearing the glasses prevents the vision from getting worse
and cancer can be a reason to lose eyesight

Ms Sunshine
Unfortunately, you cannot prevent it. Many cases can be treated or corrected with lens. There are so many reasons why people lose their sight. There are many illnesses that cause the eyes to go bad or weak. I have a 4 yr old grandson who has worn glasses since he was 2 yrs old. He has a brain dysfunction that affected his eyes and speech. But, thank God he can see fine with his glasses and he is so young he does not even realize he has a problem.

I am not a doctor and cannot give you all the technical names of the problems that can cause people to lose their site but eye injury is one, cataracts if not taken care of can cause it. Degeneration of of the eyes. These are just a few and as we get older our eyes sight does get weaker and most of us have to wear glasses or we could not see. I am just thankful for corrective procedures that help so many.

Hope this will help a little. You can go on line under "eyes" and find as many eye diseases as you want and read up on them if it will help you.

There is no way for children and teens to prevent their eyes from gettting worse. Most kids who wear glasses will gradually need stronger lenses until almost twenty when the vision will tend to level off. I assume you mean by your question this is more eyeglass related than actually going blind. It all has to do with the physiology of the eyes. Light that enters the eye does not focus properly on the retina and blurs your vision. The eyeglasses correct this defect and you see better.

well there are many things how people and children end up having looseing their eyes sights . such as alike if you were born with some diseases can cause their eyes goes bad and cant be repair by sugery. sometimes they might have very high blood pessures alike suger disibitles can cause them have bad eye sights. like my father is 62 year old and he cant have any sweets candies and drinks and foods cause he 's doctor told him they he might go blind in the future cause his eyes arent good . so other people can loose theirs if they born with to be alike that or they had acciented that something did happen to them before . that the doctors doesnt have donation to replaces their eyes . but can be cause if they had tumors growning inside of their face or iin their eye needed to be removed . sometimes alike ppl who wear glasses so that they can see good and clear up. before maybe they had sat front of the tv too close cause cause theyre eyes sights go bad .

Vadim S
The answer to that question ranges everywhere from genetics to excessive close-up work according to more mainstream optometric source other alternative eye enthusiasts believe it is even the bodies' reaction to stress and anxiety of everyday life...

in the end it is likely a mix of all three, throw in lack of excersize and a horrible western diet and you have the perfect formula for bad vision.

it may not be entirely possible to ensure your vision does not get any worse, especially if your a teenager but make sure you eat well, get exercsize, avoid too much time on the computer and reading (if you this is not possible, take many breaks to look into the distance)

also simply relax, life is difficult and stressful just take a moment to breath and laugh a little!

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