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What can i put my contacts in besides saline solution?
i really need to take my contacts out; i've had them in for four days, but i don't have any saline solution left..can i put them in water or something?
Additional Details
um, what's distilled water?

If you do store them in water, don't put them on right away. Soak them in a saline solution for several hours. That's because putting contacts on that have been soaking in water will literally become glued to your eyes and it's very uncomfortable.

If I run out of saline solution, then I will temporarily put them in tap water until I can get to the store and buy fresh saline. Just remember though to let them soak in saline again for about 30 minutes before reapplying. Never put them in with water. It is very uncomfortable.

(future)Dr. Jake
distilled water.. but not for too long.

I suppose you cant get to any solution. Well water will work... it will just feel funny when you put them back in. Yeah you do need to take them out before you get an infection.
Um, put them in water and right when you wake up wash them off and put them back it.You need to be care-ful they dont dry out.

First of all, saline solution is meant just for rinsing, it has no properties to clean or disinfect your lenses.

If you are really stuck, boil some water,preferably bottled water, let it cool, then put your lenses into small, covered containers.

Then, don't wear them again until they have soaked at least 6 hours in a multi purpose solution to kill any bacteria from the water that your lenses have soaked up.

You can get some very nasty, serious infections from tap water microbes in your lenses.

Soaking the lenses for 30 minutes in saline after being in water, does not do any good at all...saline won't kill any bacteria.

You were told wrong....or you understood wrong...saline is just for rinsing, not for cleaning or disinfecting, or storage of your lenses.

You need a multi purpose solution such as Opti Free, or Renu..that is what will clean and disinfect your lenses....and that is what they have to be stored in...not saline.

First and foremost, I don't mean to "preach" at you but if you are going to wear contact lenses you need to reasses if you are responsible enough to continue wearing them. You are not valuing your dependency on your eyes or the possibility of severe infections that can occur with contact lens overwear and mismanagment.

Your best plan is to disgard the current pair of contact lenses you are wearing and replace with a new pair once you have purchased contact lens multipurpose solution.
It is not ok to use any water and here's the reason to NEVER use tap water. Below is some information about Acanthamoeba infections and keep in mind this is one of the hardest infections to treat and often leads to a corneal transplant. It is in the best interest of your eye health for you to throw away that pair of contact lenses.

Please look at the photo link and read the text below:


"Acanthamoeba keratitis is becoming more prevalent amongst people who wear contact lenses, especially soft lenses. Acanthamoeba keratitis is an infection of the cornea caused by a minuscule water-borne ameba. People who are diagnosed with acanthamoeba keratitis frequently suffer corneal ulcerations, which can eventually lead to severe vision loss and blindness.

The organisms that trigger the infection can be found in most environments including domestic tap water, chlorinated swimming pools, hot tubs and bottled water. People’s nasal passages can also contain these organisms.

Risk factors for infection in contact lens wearers are:

Use of tap water during lens care (to rinse lenses or the storage case)
Wearing lenses while swimming (without goggles), showering or in hot tubs
Use of ineffective lens care solutions Failure to follow lens care instructions "

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