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 Does carrots prevent your eyesight from getting worse?
I know it won't improve your eyesight, but will it prevent your eyesight from getting worse?

Please let me know!


 My eyeglasses keep sliding down my nose, I don't know what to do?
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 Is it normal for one of my eyes to be a different color than the other?
picture :
one of them is bluer than the other-

http://i34.tinypic.com/3 Details
the on the left is the one thats greener- and its not just the sun. ...

 Weird vision in my eyes, should I be worried or does everyone get this?
I've had this for as long as I can remember. My vision of everything I see starts to kind of shake from left to right back and forth and the more I blink the more it kinda gets better. I only ...

 Hi, if i wake up during the night, my right eye stays closed for a few seconds.?
sometimes it does open , if not i got to strech the skin around my eye to open it, please any ideas, thanks....

 I think my eyes are getting worse?
when i first got my contacts like umm 7 months ago it was perfect. i didnt have glasses before the contactts. anyways now my left eye is starting to get bluryier. my right eye has a stronger ...

 Has anyone had laser eye surgery? How did it go? How much did you pay?
I am 21 and my eyes have always been bad, but they have gotten more bothersome as I age. I keep hearing about laser eye correction surgery and I have read up on the procedure, but I wanted to get a ...

 Eye trouble (redness)?
i was wondering if anyone could help for the past few days have had really bad redness in my right eye its sore and on occasions itches i have had a very bad cold for the past 6 days could this be ...

 How can i get my mom to be happy about me getting contacts im 12?

 Q about dilating pupils in eye exam....?
i haven't had my pupils dilated in a looong time and i remember that my eyes were sensitive to light afterwards and i can't remember if you're allowed to drive afterwards.

i ...

 Many questions about (colored)contacts?
1. I heard they hurt putting in and taking out. True?

2. How much do they cost?

3. Can they get lost in your eye if your not careful?

4. Ups/Downs of them?...

 Is it true that after many hours of playing video games and you immediatley take a shower, u will lose vision?
when i mean losing vision like does your eyes lose vision everytime u repeat taking a shower right after you played many hours of video games and your eyes hurts?...

 What makes your eyes tear?
i mean how do your eyes know when to cry? i don't get it......

 Should I wear glasess all day or just when I need them?
I have just started to wear them...
Additional Details
Yes I have Myopia and my glasses are - .75....

 What happens if i wear glasses and i don't need them?

 What will happen if i keep my contacts in my eyes?
I have soft contacts, and i know i am not supposed to wear them to sleep, or all the time... but why? i can't do something good for me, if i don't know why... lol. i know that sounds stupid,...

 Help with Swelling?
Ok, so my birthday is this friday. The big *21* and I have PINKEYE!!!

The opthamologist said that with the eyedrops she gave me, the redness and swelling *should* go away by friday. Is ...

 Bad experience with contact lesnses. Are they safe?
I recently started wearing contacts. A few days ago I had them in and I noticed that my right contact had fallen out or moved because the vision in my right eye suddenly became blurry. But I didnt ...

 CONTACTS OR GLASSES? which are better?
I need to know...are conatcs easy to wear?...

 LASIK advice?
I have been doing some research on LASIK, and I wanted to get some personal perspectives from those who have had the surgery. Anything and everything you can think of to offer would be greatly ...

Should these glasses be worn full time?
My sis just got glasses with the following prescription:
OI -1.75
OD -2.00

Her doctor said it was up to her how much she wore them, but she asked me (a full time contacts wearer with a prescription higher than hers)whether a low prescription like that was worth wearing her glasses since she gets up till she goes to bed at night?
Additional Details
sorry I copied the presc. wrong
I meant OS. -1.75
OD. -2.00

i say she should keep it full time. the doc described the glasses because she needs them. not putting or wearing u'r glasses to see can strang the eyes which can lead to blair or poor vision. i use to have lower prescription too. i decided not to wear my glasses. as time when on (from stranging of the eye), my vision became poor. i when back to my doc and she said, '' it's important to wear u'r glasses at all time. not wearing then could lead to poor vision because u'r stranging u'r eye to see.'' from experanced, i greatly advice u'r sis to keep her glasses on at all time. better be safe them sorry. hoped i helped and best of luck in the future!

its best to wear them all the time, i have a low prescription as well and i wear mine all the time.

Hex the Fundies (JPAA)
I would. The level of blur she must be experiencing would annoy me. But it's a matter of personal choice really.

Artist Wanna Be
question is does she need to wear them full time to see better.

Her Dr. is correct. With that prescription, it really is up to her. My prescription is lower than your sister's, but I wear my glasses all the time. Really, I could go without them at some times, but it is more convenient to keep them on, then to keep putting taking them off and on all day. It will not hurt her at all to wear them all the time. So, put them on and keep them on.

think of a prescription in the sense of dollars... takes 4 quarters to make a dollar... it takes (4) .25 for a full diopter of power... your sisters is a dollar sevent five in one eye and 2 bucks in the other.... general rule of thumb is anything over .75, maybe 1.00 should be worn as much as possible.... at her prescription id say she would benefit to wear constantly, sun up to sun down... unless reading... she can see just fine up close. (most near sighted people find it more comfortable to take glasses off for up close until they are really used to them) Distance and intermediate is her problem. wear the glasses

Vadim S
I have almost the same prescription as you -1.75 on each eye, I dont wear my glasses unless driving or seeing the board... I used to wear them full time, actually my prescription was -2.50 at one point but over the summer i just stopped wearing them

my last check up i was -1.75 (barely) but in the everyday world their more then fine...

Now i realize my RX is not high even though sometimes it feels like it and on a bright sunny day I forget that I even wear glasses :P

in the end its your choice, if you do wear them try to use it for distance only, if your doing close-up work with them on it could lead to progression...

good luck!

i have the EXACT prescription, (weird). yes, i wear contacts full time and if i had glasses i would wear them all day, because i hate not seeing clearly.

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