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 A contact ripped in my eye. It's possible scratched / ripped eye, what should I do?
I've had the problem before, I've been wearing contacts for 7 years now, and it was usually just 15 minutes of frustration trying to get it out. That is it.

But I guess I got a ...

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 In my eyes, my irisis are brown with yellow, is that normal?
It's like this Pupil(black duh) Then Dark brown around the pupil, then it's yellow around the dark brown part...

really weird

No! I DON"T drink lol!...

 Contact lense question!?
how do you kno when to throw your old contacts and put in new ones? i mean i kno ur supposed to change them every 3-4(???) weeks...but like how do u kno exactly when? are there symptoms?...

My son's vision is one eye 20/60 and the other one is 20/40. Should I get him glasses at this point?

The Dragon Reborn
check with an opthamologist instead of leaving it to people here.

Julian Garcia
yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
As soon as possible /c if u wait to long it migh t be too late

Mrs. Diaz
yes you should!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


What that means is that what a normal person can see at 60 feet, your son needs to be much closer (20 feet) to see. The same logic applies to the other eye (how close your son needs to be vs everybody else).

Corrective lenses would be advisable.

Of course you should. Why would you want your kid walking around with blurry vision?

Julie S
Yes, definitely. With that RX, he could benefit from glasses to see things such as movie screens, blackboards at school, white boards, the television, and so forth without straining his eyes or getting headaches. He might not need to wear them all the time, but he does need them. I don't know if he's near driving age, but he will certainly need them for that as well.

If the problem is simply that of Rx, he ought to have some glasses.
Essentially to use as he finds useful.

Unless something unusual is going on, such as a risk of developing a squint or a lazy eye, it's much better to work with the idea that "glasses are sometimes useful" rather than the unnecessary hammerblow of "you need glasses".

With one eye at 20/40, his overall vision will be just within the legal minimum for driving, just as a functional example, but he could almost certainly be seeing with much greater clarity. And there will be times when that will make life better and easier.
It doesn't mean wearing them all the time unless he likes the clearer, sharper world the Rx delivers, in which case there's no harm in tthat way round, either.
Take advice on specific use for prolonged reading or computer work: if might not matter either way, or be better to use or not use the glasses, depending on the exact Rx and binocular situation.

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