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ℓσιѕ gя郃ιη™
My mom has brown eyes and my dad has green eyes? Help!?
So when I was born I had brown eyes. If I get married to someone with lets say blue eyes, what color will are kids eyes be? Please help??
Additional Details
What if the baby's mom and dad had blue eyes. And they're paretns had blue eyes too. My gradparents have blue eyes.

for sure they will have eyes..haha

it depends, im not quite sure, my roomate is a medical student,..

he used to exp to me before, eyes depends on how much to father-like or how much mother-like the baby will be..its imposible to predict before labor..

Judy B
A brown eyed parent and blue eyed parent can have children with blue, green, hazel, light brown, medium brown or brown eyes. You won't know which until the child is about 2 years old.

Grandparent colour doesn't matter so much, it much more depends upon the shade of brown, the shade of blue and the genetic makeup of the two parents. Eye colour is controlled by at least three genes and their interactions, so there is no easy answer to this question.


Go here it's perfect

It depends who's traits are more dominant. The best way to figure is to look at your future husband's family and see if they all have the same color eyes and hope your genes don't cancel out.

make me
there is no way to tell for sure, not sure why you are so concerned....
my parents both have brown eyes, I have green and my sister has blue. My husband has blue eyes and our 1st son has blue eyes and our 2nd son has eyes that change color, they are really pretty and change btwn green and blue.

Brown is the dominant color.

There's a really good chance you'd have kids with brown eyes. That's not to say that they'll be the same shade as yours. My husband's dad has dark brown eyes, his mom's are green, my husband's are almost a gold shade.

Brown eyes may be the most common, but they can be some of the prettiest. You sound panicked by the thought of having a child with brown eyes. Saying "brown" is like asking in a candy store for "chocolate", there are too many variations to judge by. Choose a potential mate by other compatibility issues, leave your children's eye color up to God and genetics.

The answer to your question is somewhere in the neighborhood of "flip a coin". The way in which chromosomes divide during initial embryonic formation is difficult to explain but you carry genes for both brown and green... your future spouse will carry the genes from his parents... when the genetic traits are figured on a chart, the possibilities are too numerous to get into here. So the bottom line is... it's a coin toss.

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