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should i be worried?


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Joe C
My left eye has turned yellow?
I am 24yo smoker does that have anything to do with it?

that's scary!

You might have Jaundice in that eye.

LOOK! A Flying cow
umm brb im calling the bio-hazard awarness

No thats just a symptom of the T virus. you still have about 1 - 2 hour Max to live before killing your best friends!

You need to seek medical professional. Smoke may not be the direct cause, but stop smoke would be a smart thing to do. Smoke is not good for your health, period!


Do you drink as well? Take any other drugs or excessive over the counter medicine?

Your liver could be failing. You need to see a DOCTOR immediately.

go broncos!!!
reduced liver function / jaundice possibly , go to the doc's asap but it should be both eyes??

greg w
Yellow is often connected to liver disease. I'd go to the doctor and get checked out. I've never heard of just one eye with liver problems though.

u bettea go 2 the doc cause yo eye might fall out

If the yellow of your eye has turned yellow, then that may indicate liver problems... Time to go to the doctor... Quickly, this can be serious.

This could be a sign of jaundice which means that your liver is not functioning as it should be. Head to the Dr. as soon as you can. Good luck.

watch out for hepatitis. don't smoke again, it will make it worse.

it dose. the same thing happened to my mother. she's an ex smoker and i have heard other people who have that happen to them. it has to do with the toxens mixing with pigments in your eye. it think.

Hose Nose
Kidney or liver infection. you need to get it checked

sounds like your liver is damaged homie go c a doctor

No, this indicates maybe liver troubles.
Rub deeply in your hands finding tender spots , work them out and also your feet,
Use visine in eyes. Or try the honey rinse in eyes

Could be a liver or pancreas problem. But if that were it, both eyes should be yellow. I doubt if it has to have anything to do with smoking. Do you drink alot of alcohol?

I'm a 34 year old smoker.... both of my eyes are still brown.
Do you have to pee? Cause they tell me I'm full of s#@$!!!

brian8907, VT
Uhhh....you may have Jandis...which could be because of liver failure or something.....

Dont ask us, we're not doctors...get it checked out

It could be Jaundice.

Get in to see an M.D. now and go to Emergency Room if you do not have a regular Doctor. I do not want to scare you (you are not dying tonight) but you might be jaundiced which is something to take care of right now and it can be treated. Smoking never helps. Jaundice can but not always is liver related and or hepatitis which is treatable. Go right now.

i dunno
it might
i would get to the docter
like first chance you get
.. thats bad

The only thing I have ever heard of in connection with your eyes turning yellow is jaundice caused by kidney/liver problems

it's called jaundis. If you take steroids that may have something to do with it.

No but it means you need to see a doc. Yellow is a common sign of Jaundice so see your doc soon.

That or you have to pee really bad

I doubt it.

Yellowing of the eyes is an indicator of jaundice, among other conditions.

You should see a medical professional.

barb m
Go see a doctor right away. Eventhough nicotine stains from smoking turns things yellow like your fingers and clothes, the only thing that can cause eyes to turn yellow is a liver problem such as Jaundice. But that only occurs in both eyes at the same time. If its only in the left eye only is unusual. Have it checked out maybe it could be an infection or some kind of irritation.

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