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 If you suffer from bad vision, should you get glasses or do eye excersises?
Just wanted to know....

 How come my eyes have been red the whole day??
i wear contacts.
theyr like red.the white part i mean.
they kinda like burn from time to time too, and when it burns, tears come out since its burning so much.
what should i do??

 Is it possible that some people just weren't made for contacts?
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However, I have tried two different types of soft contacts (a 2 week one and a 1 month one), and ...

 I accidentally used lens cleaning solution as an eye drop. How do I treat my swollen red eyes? Please help.?

 Proclear contacts - how do I tell which are for my left/right eye???
Hi Guys...

I dunno if I am having a serious dumb moment but I have ordered Proclear shere contacts online - the boxes arrived today but there was no marking on the box to tell me which is ...

 My new glasses ?
ok 1st i got glases today and they make my eyes ich and make me more blind and dont help at all when i look and try to read something it doesnt matter how far away it is but i cant read it as well ...

 My eyes always become blurry after starring at the computer? I do wear contacts.?
Is there a way to recover from this quickly?
Is there a special contact or glasses that prevents this?...

I had glasses since the 3rd grade I am now in 5th grade I had worn 4 different glasses the most recent one I am wearing is my only favorite but it is kinda big and it always falls so I leave it there ...

 Is there something seriously wrong with my eye?
last week i think i had an allergic reaction to something...i had hives all over and eventually my right eye swelled and got really itchy. then it turned red and it got worse ever since last week.<...

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lol i hav perfect vision i just wanted coloured lenses....about how much (approx) are they? and where can u get them if u ...

 Colored Contacts?
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 Contact Lense Help...?
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 Contact lense question?
I've been wearing glasses for almost 6 months now, i would like to try contact lenses. Are the prescription of the glasses and the contacts compatible? Or should i have an eye exam first? What ...

 Can people go blind without damage to the eye?

 I'm 15 and VERY nearsighted..am i almost blind?
right now, my eye grade's about 7.00 and i'm only fifteen. i'm worried that it might get really worse before i can have a laser treatment, or that i might be one of those who can'...

 Contacts/Roller Coasters?
Okay, so i where contacts and as some of you know Cedar Point has some VERY high powered roller coasters, i was wondering if it would hurt my eyes wearing contacts while going on those roller coaster....

 Contact Wearers!!?
I'm so dumb with contacts it seems. I took
a 30 minute class learning to use them..I have no
trouble getting them in, it's out. I feel like I'm
taking them out with ...

 My eyes are two different sizes?
i have asian eyes and my right eye seem to be bigger than my left. its like the crease on my left eye fold in more? im not really sure how to explain it but it looks similar to this..


 Eye contact help pleases help I'm so scared?
my contact is stuck in my left eye after I slept with it in for 4 hours now I can't even see it does anyone have any tips to get it to come to the surface. Please help I'm not sure what to ...

 Are Contact Lenses Safe?
My dad says that i'll go blind from wearing them. is it true?...

My eyes are fine normally but get blurry at the end of the day, why?
Does this happen to you?

this may happen due to 1. dust
2. heat inside ur body due to acidity or may be due to any eye problem . you should immediately consult ur physician for ur eye check up because eyes are very delicate organs of our body

i would think they are dry

if you are a contact lens wearer...the 2 most common causes are:

1) dryness
2) hypoxia (low oxygen induces corneal edema)

may need to change types/brand of contact lenses and/or solution

if you are not a contact lens wearer and are under about age 38, the 2 most common causes are:

1) refractive error (like hyperopia)
2) accommodative spasm

may or may not need glasses/contacts.

if you are over age 38 the most common cause is:

1) presbyopia or emerging presbyopia (losing ability to focus eyes)

probably need to have an eye exam if you havent recently. this stuff can be hashed out by your eye doctor.

"body heat" does not cause end of day blurry vision.

mine get blurry but its because of alcohol and other substances. honestly i think the second answers is prolly the best

Mama JK
do you stare at a computer screen for most of the day? if so, then that might be the reason(happens to me due to this reason all the time). Also, if you haven't had your eyes checked out by a doctor in over a year, you might need glasses or have astigmatism,especially if you wear contacts, this may be the case. Also, if you stare at small print or details most of the day, this could be the cause. What I do to help is to stop staring at (the computer screen,in my case), every 20 minutes, and focus on something in the room for 20-60 seconds,the return to the computer for another 20 minutes,and repeat until the end of the day. this has helped me, and I hope it helps you. If after a week of trying this, though, it doesn't help, I would call my eye doctor. Better safe than sorry!
Hope I helped,

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