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 Do I need glasses when one eye is perfect and I can see fine?
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Additional Details
i only ever get headaches when I wear ...

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I always get ...

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So should I wear my glasses all the time so I can see things that are far away? If I ...

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 Sleeping with contactss?
yeah so a lot this summer i have fallen asleep with my contacts in my eyes. i mean a wake up fine my eyes don't hurt i put in solution to help. so willll this do anything to my eyes? cause ...

Db F
My eyes are blurry after taking off my glasses, should I keep them on?
I recently had trouble seeing the writing on the board at school and i was told to get my eyes checked. The optometrist said i am short -sighted and that i needed glasses to see. I started using them at school and when i take them off, everything is blurry. Everything is crystal clear with the glasses on. Should I start keeping them on?

Keger E
I am constantly amazed at the ability of those who suffer from severe mental disability, to figure out how to post a question on yahoo answers.

Daisy D
This is a tricky question. I had this problem. Definitely keep your glasses on because your eyes need some getting used to. But don't get depended on them.


Your vision is blurry when you take them off because your eyes have gotten used to seeing well. You could then experience eyestrain. I don't know what your prescription is, but I would say put them on and leave them on...and besides, it's less hassle

Well it's best to keep them on. You can see better so it only makes since. When i first got my glasses i felt like a dork kinda so i'd only wear them in class. But that soon ended when i couldn't find my locker in the hallway because i couldn't see. I suggest wearing them all the time. Your eyes ajust to them and when you take them off they can hurt your eyes. Not that they will definatly, but it can.

pj m
You should keep them on when reading or doing something that requires you to have good vision. For me, I take mine off when I'm driving because I can see the signs and everything fairly well. I need them mostly for reading books and such.

Sometimes glasses can be painful on the bridge of the nose and the corner of the eyes. It's all right to take them off when you don't need them and give your nose a rest.

Thilina Guluwita
Wash them with clean cold water and wipe off with a towel

Then close your eyes for about 5mins

Stare at something greenish (trees, bushes)

Then you're back on work

No! I mean, why would you? Just to see? Forget it!

I was being ironic.

bhuneswari.s b

Durp u
You obviously need them, dont take them off or you could damage your eyes

ed s
of course you should wear them, thats why you got them in the first place, but to keep your eyes from getting worse and if you can do it, dont wear them when reading up close or you will start the process all over again and will need stronger glasses soon enough...(im an optometrist too)

Yes keep them on. The more you take them off the more you are putting strain on your eyes. The more strain that you put on yours eyes, will make your eyes muscles weaker causing your vision to get worse over time.

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