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My eyeglasses keep sliding down my nose, I don't know what to do?
My eyeglasses keep sliding down when I'm walking around. When I'm still they stay in place, but when I move around, they slide down. I don't know perhaps they are the wrong frames for me. I didn't have this problem with the other frames that I had.

I've been going to the eye place to get them adjusted, but that just lasts like 3 days, and goes back to sliding down. Sometimes I think they don't even put the effort to adjusting them right. They make them very tight at the sides which gives me a headache, then they loose them a little and makes them slide down my nose.

I don't know, I'm desperate... I don't have money for new frames or lenses, and I do not know what to do with this...

anyone have any ideas? are there some kind of accessories that might help with this? thanks!

[only serious answers please =( ]

Get some contact lenses

they are just too big for you, go to the optical places where they have glasses and just try to get them tightened...

You need to pick out better glasses. Also get some grips to put on the end of the handles.

The shop that filled the prescription should offer to change the frames at no charge if they don't fit your face properly. Don't let them charge you or just do little changes that don't work. You can call the main branch and complain if they won't take care of you or contact the Better Business Bureau. It is part of their contract that they will fit you properly!

You should get the frames with the rubber or plastic nose supports. This way when your glasses get a bit loose, you can take a pair of pliars and gently squeeze the two pieces closer together for a tight fit on your bridge.

If you can not afford new frames, you should get some duct tape, stick it to the inside of the bridge support and remove it. Keep doing this until there is enough adhesive left behind from the tape that it actually sticks to your face when you put on your glasses. No more sliping no more broken glasses.

♥ || Brown Eyed Girl || ♥
You may have chosen the wrong type of frame for your face (your nose may be too narrow... no offense). You can try getting pads for them. The pads don't give as much room and serve as a cushion so that your glasses stay in place. They sell them at most drugstores. I hope this helps. :)

sounds like they need to fit more snuggly around your ears?

or, maybe try getting something to put on the two little pieces that rest on the nose? something that would create more friction then the flat plastic

Hector Victorious
I spent a few years adjusting glasses as an optician and this is a very common problem. Most likely your frames need to be made tighter to the backs of your ears. This is a difficult thing to do and can't be done on all types of frames.

Many inexperienced people will try to solve this problem by making the glasses tighter on the sides of your head. Most of the time this works, but in extreme cases like yours this is a temporary solution and can lead to headaches.

I had much success fixing this problem by straightening out the arms of the frames then remolding them to fit perfectly around the persons ear. The only problem is that this is not possible on all types of glasses.

The best thing to do is to go your optometrists office and ask for the most experienced optician to help you. Then, ask the optician to check the fit around your ears.

Also, make sure you have silicone nose pads. They adhere to your skin better than plastic and help prevent the glasses from slipping.

Be patient, because this can save you hundreds of dollars.

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