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 Why are glasses still being sold, it's the 21th century. the standard eyewear are now contacts.?
glasses are from benjamin franklin days....

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Additional Details
oops I put it in optical. =/ sorry I don't know how to change it....

 Twitching beneath the eye?
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the twitching is only on the left eye not on the right
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When i woke up today there was no ...

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 How long do you REALLY wear your contact lenses? (Tell the truth, you eye doctor is offline.)?

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Is it ok for a 13 year old to have contacts?
will it make the eyesight worse like if i take the contacts off?
thanks x]...

 Color Contacts?
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My eye get tired really fast when reading?
I start reading and like after 15 mins my eyes start getting tired and want to close. If I keep reading my eyelids would get coldish. Does this mean I need glasses because I know some people can read a whole book and not be tired. If it helps I usually read out loud...DO I need glasses or what's wrong?
Additional Details
Does it really matter that I also usually read downwards?

You may not be interested in the book, because when you read aloud your eyes are doing the same process when reading silently. If you want to, you could see an optometrist you may have a focusing problem. If you see the images clearly, you shouldn't have a vision problem.

well sometimes my eyes get tired when i am reading i think you need glasses if your eyes get tired at day time but if at night ur fine Thats normal

Brenda V
maybe not prescription ones but you should try reading glasses maybe a =1.50 that is the lowest

VBall LuVa!
sometimes that happens to me when the book im reading is really boring or you may just be really tired

To fully answer your question, you would need an eye exam. When I would read a lot, I'd be like you if it wasn't an interesting book (ok...studying), but if it was a book I was reading for leisure, I would read all night long.

If the words are blurry, then I would say you probably need some glasses...but if it is more of a tired, sore, ache, it is probably eyestrain that might be relieved by reading in better light, when you are well rested, and try lubricating eyedrops for moisture.

Bottom line, if you think it is your vision and you haven't had a recent eye exam, best thing to do would be to go get one. We all need them every 1-2 years.

You need glasses. Try some of those that you can get at the drug store first and see if that helps. They are not all that expensive and may take care of the problem for very little money. If they don't help, go see the eye doctor.

Also, remember to blink. Your eyes may be drying out and that is causing your eyes to want to close.

I needed glasses when I hit 42. But my problem was focus not tiredness.
Are you reading in a well lit area?

Maybe your eyes get dry when you stare at something for a bit of time [EXAMPLE READING] Maybe its that just go to a pharmacy and ask for drops to help you with dry eyes GOOD LUCK

visit a opthalmologist.....!!!hurry!!!

depending on your age, you might need some magnification glasses. If your 38 and above you start losing some accomodation (when the lens of the eye bulgs to see upclose materials)...you should see a optometrist or an eye physician.

It sounds like you might need glasses, get an eye exam done, it couldn't hurt.

you might need glasses and you might not. there could be multiple problems:

refractive error: you might be farsighted, or nearsighted, or have astigmatism

binocular vision problems: you might have problems "teaming" your eyes or using them together. you could be "aiming" inaccurately...esotropia or esophria, or exotropia or exophoria...

accommodative problems: you might have problems "focusing" your eyes.

you are likely going to need an eye exam to figure out whats wrong with you, and you may or may not need glasses.

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