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 Do you have to get an eye exam to wear reading glasses?
I have pretty good eyesight, for far away stuff that is. I already know that I can see better far-sighted than near sighted... I have to squint to read stuff up close, like a book. I love to read but ...

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 Is it advisable to do laser operation for the power of -0.5 in both the eyes?
open to all laser surgeons and other ...

 Contact lenses???????
how old do youu have to be in orderrr to get contacts??
Additional Details
im responsible enough.
they told me that i was too little.
im 14....

 Is there a vision limit to contact lenses?
like my prescription is -3.50 somethin like that. I just want to know if there is a limit to where you cant wear contact lenses anymore.
Additional Details
Alright thanx to all that ...

 Do I need computer glasses if I have progressive glasses for working on the computer or reading?
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 Wearing Contacts in an Airplane?
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 People say i am looking up when i think i am looking straight at them?
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 I was diagnosed with keratoconus and I dont know what that is...?
or what it means later on in life? Am i gonna go blind??? Is my vision gonna get worse or what???...

 Colored contacts help ?
im thinking about buying some colored contacts but im worried about how im going to put them in where can i get some help?...

 Is sleeping in my contacts permanently damaging my eyes?
I am not the kind of person who leaves their contacts in for months or weeks at time. What I do is, I sleep in them for 1-3 days then I'll take them out and maintain them correctly for the next 3...

 What to do about contact lenses being mixed up?
I took my contact lenses out of my eyes tonight and cleaned them, then I put a the left contact in the left container, and then put the right contact in the left container, so they were both floating ...

 What is the best way to remove scratches from glasses and sunglasses?
What is the best way to remove scratches from glasses and sunglasses?...

 How can I take care of my eyes if i'm always in the computer?
My work is in the computer and i spend almost all the time facing the computer. How can I protect my eyes from the computer radiation and eye strain? Will this make my eyes blurry after many years? I ...

 Is it possible for a person to have odd coloured eyes?
pictures please....

 Recurrent Corneal Abrasion!?
Hi there. About a month ago I developed a foreign body sensation in my eye and went to the eye doctor and was told it was a corneal abrasion. I was treated with antibiotic drops for about a week and ...

 How long can you use a contact lens container for?

 Blood shot eyes and yellowish tint? What is that?
My eyes are very blood shot and they look like they are yellowish. I get pretty good sleep and also I drink lots of water. What could this be?
Additional Details
Could it be from my ...

My eye doctor says my eye nerves are pale.?
What does this mean?

My Crayon is Blue
go out and get some sun dude!

Leighanne <3
Why did u not ask the docter that..
I mean thats why he there for init!

It could mean nothing.
Or it could mean optic atrophy, a horrible condition in which you can actually lose your vision. I recommend another visit to the eye doctor, so he can explain exactly what he meant.

Nah Z
You need to see a doctor who specializes in the brain's connection to the eyes, called a 'neuro-ophthalmologist' who can tell you what is going on.

Don't panic yet, but definitely call your current dr's office for a referral, if you don't have a follow-up appointment with him already.

Very little, on its own.

The appearance of the back of an eye can be very variable and be well away from the average but still be normal.

But if the region where your optic nerves enter the eye (the optic discs) is paler than the average it would be normal to do extra or repeat tests to make sure your eyes are healthy and that this appearance is normal *for you*.

Pale optic discs can indicate an inadequate blood supply and or loss of nerve fibres, which can be picked up by examining the peripheral vision (flashing-light "field" tests.)
and with some other modern techniques.
Pale optic discs can be a pointer to glaucoma, so a double check on the eye's internal presssures would also be a normal precaution.

If any of the other findings are at all abnormal, further investigation as to the cause would follow.
There would be a problem, but they'd be on to it.

If everything else checked out ok, you'd just be a bit off the average. Most people are: that 's how they put averages together.

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