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 I have these spots in my eyes. It started out with about 4 in each eye. Now, there's about 30 in my left eye.
My eye is starting to get blurry also. What should I do?...

 My eyes burn?
Sometimes my eyes start burning alot and I'm not sure why. I don't wear contacts and my vision is pretty good. They burn even when I don't have allergies. It burns so much sometimes ...

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 Can anyone on here? Convert a glasses persprection to a contact persprection?
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it says.....

 I wear contacts and I have dry eyes. Do I have to buy eye drops for contacts or can I use any eyes drops?

Additional Details
Before getting contacts I used any dry eye drops....

 Im scared to wear glasses?
Ok, I can see my vision blurring a lot. Im nervous to wear glasses. I have some, but people say I will only get blinder, and if i dont wear them i see horrible. My glasses aint that pretty,lol. A...

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Anything to help the eyes after prolonged exposure to computers and reading?

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 Does cupping both your hands round your eye improve you vision?

 For parents..what is with the glasses on the kids?
I grew up with a brother and sister. We are within 2 years of age. All of us were wearing glasses in elementary school. The eye doctor told me that if I didn't wear them ( lazy eye ) that I ...

 Can your vision be corrected by not wearing your glasses or contacts for a few weeks?
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 Is this true?
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 My son has developed a lazy eye, he watches TV out the corner of his eyes , any suggestions?
His has started squinting with both eyes at bright light and when he opens them again his left eye has turned out and down while his right eye seems ok. It straightens up again after he blinks a ...

 Contact lense care in situations with no solution?
What do you do if you find yourself in a situation where you don't have access to contact lense solution? You might be spending the night in a motel room, or at a friends house. You cannot sleep ...

 Optician, how good are they at detecting eye problems?
Just out of interest how "experienced" are they in detecting eye problems.

When you go for a routeen eye test can you be assured that they know your eyes seem ok.

What ...

 If they tell you a contact if for your left eye is it your left or their left?
sorry if it sounds dumb lol but like my hand that is a left or the other?...

 Anyone wear contacts?
I went to the eye doctor on Friday and he prescribed me contact lenses. I've never worn them or glasses before so its totally new! I had a VERY VERY hard time getting them in and out (its harder ...

 Laser Eye Treatment?
I'm 13, I need glasses but I'm really self conscious. I wear daily lenses but it's really annoying coz the other week I had an eye infection and had to wear my glasses. Then if I go ...

My contacts really bother me.?
I am currently wearing acuvue oaysis contacts and they're very dry and bothering me a lot.

I used to wear contacts everyday all day but have since stopped wearing them. I went to the eye doctor about a year after I had stopped wearing them because I wanted to start wearing them again. But they bother me so much and because of that I dont wear them everyday. I told my eye doctor my situation and he gave me acuvue oaysis it worked great for a day but then a day later they bother me.

I clean them really well however I use target brand contacts solution (its cheaper) so I'm afraid thats my problem. Can someone help me? I really love wearing contacts but they bother me soo much.
Additional Details
my contacts are the throw out after 2 weeks or sooner ones.

Are you using hard contact lenses or disposal lenses?

If you're using hard ones, use disposal lenses (once a day), I've been wearing them for the past two years with no problems at all. Can't even feel them. At first it was a little annoying to change them everyday, but its a routine you get used to.

Chloe ♥
i use them and yeah i cant wear them everyday.
my opometrists gave me this eye drop stuff for moisture if your wearing them for long periods so maybe ask for that?

ew you wear contacts from target??
ew no wonder

forgetr everything i said use good ones

Annie C
maybe try switching your solution?
ask your optometrist again.

I tried those contacts...and did not like them. They irritated my eyes as well... most *cheaper* brand items are made the exact same. So its not the solution, but the contacts. I'd get a different brand. I'm back to using the brand acuvue advance..they seem to be the best for me...Try those if you haven't already. Good luck!

veronica r
i think you should try a new brand. If the new brand doesn't work then you should try going to your doctor and getting regular glasses. If you dont want glasses then ask the doctor to give you something else, but im pretty sure its the brand.

im also a contact wearer (if thats a word) obviously, or otherwise i wouldn't be answering this. haha. anyways... do you know if you are allergic to anything? my contacts were bothering me for awhile to so i went to the eye doctor. she checked out my eyes and found out that i have little rids bumps under my eyelids and whenever i would close my eyes, my contacts would 'catch' a little bit. she prescribed some eye drops and they have been a lot better. i would suggest checking this out. good luck!

try the daily disposables, I doubt it is the lens solution

it could be the solution...but it could just be that your eyes are still adjusting to it. and always make sure ur contacts are perfectly clean and that u change the solution in ur case every day.

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